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Kevin Downing, ICBFHow to review EBI/Herd reports to identify breeding objectives
Teagasc Breeding Week, March, 2023.
Dr. Ross Evans, ICBFMethane research & future implementation Corrin Mart, October, 2022.
Dr. Andrew Cromie, ICBFDairy Beef developments for 2023+ Corrin Mart, October, 2022.
Dr. Margaret Kelleher, ICBFImplementation of changes in the EBI Corrin Mart, October, 2022.
Dr. Alan Twomey, TeagascUpdates to the Beef Sub Index Corrin Mart, October, 2022.
Dr. Jonathan Herron & Dr. Laurence Shalloo, TeagascCarbon Sub Index in the EBI Corrin Mart, October, 2022.
Dr. Ross Evans & Dr. Saeid Naderi, ICBFAccuracy of pedigree and genomic predictions of meat quality in multi-breed cattle using single and two step modelWCGALP, July, 2022.
Dr. Daragh Matthews, ICBFPredicting carcass cut yields in cattle from digital images using artificial intelligenceWCGALP, July, 2022.
Clodagh Ryan, ICBFClearing the air between methane and commercial beef cattle in Ireland.WCGALP, July, 2022.
Dr. Andrew Cromie, ICBFThe Role of Livestock Genetics in Addressing National GHG Mitigation Requirements.WCGALP, July, 2022.
Dr. Siobhán Ring, ICBFDecision support tools to support a more sustainable beef-on-dairy industry.WCGALP, July, 2022.
Dr. Saeid Naderi, ICBFApplying single step genomic evaluation and integrating local with foreign EBVs to increase calving performance.WCGALP, July, 2022.
ICBF & TeagascSire Advice for Beef on DairyMay, 2022.
ICBFRole of Breeding in Addressing GHG Mitigation Opportunities.April, 2022.
ICBFIncreasing Genetic Gain in Dairy Sample Discussion GroupJanuary, 2022.
ICBFTeagasc/ICBF Beef Discussion Groups Dec 2021December, 2021.
Chris Daly, ICBFCommercial Beef Value (CBV) A new selection tool for non-breeding beef farmersDecember, 2021.
Bord Bia, ICBF and TeagascDairy Carbon Footprint Industry AnnouncementOctober, 2021.
Dr Andrew Cromie, ICBF. Natascha Meunier
& David Graham (AHI).
The role of the ICBF/AHI database in helping provide better supports for vets & farmers.CAVI Conference. October, 2021.
Bryan Kingston, ICBF.The role of the Dairy Gene Ireland Breeding programmeMay, 2021.
Dr. Andrew Cromie, ICBF.Ireland’s Beef Data and Genomics Program; A novel way of addressing GHG & Climate ChallengesApril, 2021.
Dr. Ross Evans, ICBF.Squaring the Bovine Circle – An Irish PerspectiveICAR, April, 2021.
ICBFIncreasing Genetic Gain in Dairy Discussion Group SessionsOnline Dairy Discussion Group Sessions, Spring 2021.
Pr. Donagh Berry, Teagasc.Animal genomics in breeding –opportunities and challengesICBF Dairy Genomics Webinar. August, 2020.
Dr. Ross Evans, ICBF.Addressing over-prediction in ICBF dairy genomic evaluationsICBF Dairy Genomics Webinar. August, 2020.
VariousMyth Buster SeriesMay, 2020.
Dr. Andrew CromieGenetic Trends in EBI; Latest AnalysisMarch, 2020.
VariousPoster Sessions ICBF & Sheep Ireland Genetics Conference 2020ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Siobhán Ring, ICBFDairy Beef Index: An index to deliver quality beef calves from the dairy herd. How it can benefit you and how to use it.ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Andrew Cromie, ICBFMultibreed Dairy Genomics: Providing genomic evaluations for crossbred animals, to facilitate increasing the rate of the genetic gain in the dairy herd. ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Ross Evans, ICBFNew Calving Evaluations (Dairy): How a more detailed model, including cow and heifer calving, is more beneficial to the dairy sector.ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Ross Evans, ICBFNew Calving Evaluations (Beef): How a more detailed model, including cow and heifer calving, is more beneficial to the beef sector.ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Alan Twomey, TeagascBDGP & BEEP: Revealing the efficiencies of the Irish Suckler Cow.ISGC, January 2020.
Paul Smith, TeagascGreenhouse Gas Research: Methane Research findings to date and future developments.ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Margaret Kelleher, ICBFBeef’s Own Worth (B.O.W.): Providing a beef index for stock destined for finishers, allowing for more informed decision making.ISGC, January 2020.
Eoin Frawley, ICBFIntegrated Dairy Beef Program: The benefits and potential of the Integrated Dairy Beef Program.ISGC, January 2020.
Mark Waters, ICBFDNA Calf Registration-The benefits and potential of the DNA Calf Registration Pilot.ISGC, January 2020.
Dr. Michelle Judge, TeagascMeat Quality Validation: building towards a Beef Eating Quality Index. ISGC, January 2020.
Doreen Corridan, Munster Bovine

Should you milk every cow?

Grassland Paper

IGA Dairy Conference, January 2020.
Donagh Berry, Donal O’ Brien & Laurence Shalloo, Teagasc

Is the EBI breeding for more environmentally responsible cows?

Grassland Paper

IGA Dairy Conference, January 2020.
Ross Evans, ICBFJan’20 Evaluation DevelopmentsCork Holstein/Friesian Breeders club meeting, January 2020.
Andrew Cromie, ICBFBDGP & BEEP; Key initiatives that are helping deliver greater profit and sustainability for our suckler beef farmers.Teagasc National Beef Conference, 10th December 2019.
Siobhan Ring, ICBFBreeding for Better Health: Challenges and AchievementsAnimal Health Awareness Day, 28th November 2019.
PJ Hegarty, ICBFTully Progeny Test CentreCork Institute of Technology, November 2019.
Susan Moriarty, ICBF

Optimum age first calving dairy heifers (22-26months)

Supporting Doc

November 2019.
Karl O Connell, ICBF & John Bolger, Version 1.Reducing Carbon Emissions and Finding the Tastiest SteakOracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, September 2019.
Clodagh Ryan, ICBFGenetic Indexs in Beef CattleWorld Charolais Technical Congress, August, 2019.
Ross Evans, ICBFGenomic selection in Irish beef cattleWorld Charolais Technical Congress, August, 2019.
Donagh Berry, TeagascUses of genomics in Charolais breeding programsWorld Charolais Technical Congress, August, 2019.
Evans et al, ICBFFrom One to Many: Re-defining calving evaluations to cater for divergent cow typesInterbull, June, 2019.
Dr. Andrew Cromie, ICBFThe Irish Suckler Cow in 2030IFJ Beef Summit, 9th May, 2019.
Kevin Downing, ICBFDairy Breeding Update; Does Genomics Work?Teagasc Dairy IST, Feb, 2019.
Dr. Siobhán Ring, ICBFTB & liver fluke evaluations and Dairy Beef IndexIrish Angus Meeting, 7th Feb, 2019.
Kevin Downing, ICBFBeef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP)Irish Angus Meeting, 7th Feb, 2019.
Dr. Thierry Pabiou, ICBFInterbeef – Current status and plans for the future.Genetics Conference 6th Dec, 2018.
Clodagh Ryan, ICBFInbreeding Trends – Inbreeding Trends in the National Beef HerdGenetics Conference 6th Dec, 2018.
Pat Donnellan, ICBFWhole Herd Performance Recording – What’s new for 2019 onwardsGenetics Conference 6th Dec, 2018.
Dr. Andrew Cromie, ICBFThe €uroStar Indexes – 10 years on. Past, present and futureGenetics Conference 6th Dec, 2018.
Dr. Stephen Conroy, ICBFGreenbreed – Measuring Methane at TullyGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Kevin Downing, ICBFData RecordingGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Dr. Michelle Judge, Meat Technology IrelandMeat yield genetic evaluationsGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Dr. Siobhán Ring, ICBFFluke & Tuberculosis EvaluationsGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Prof. Donagh Berry, TeagascDairy Beef IndexesGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Ross Evans, ICBFCalving EvaluationsGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Sean Coughlan, ICBFICBF Strategy – Looking To The FutureGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Tim Byrne, Abacus BioICBF – 20 years of Genetic improvementGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Roel Veerkamp, Wageningen Livestock ResearchBig Data in Animal AgricultureGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Dorian Garrick, Massey University, NZGenetic Improvement of Cattle & Sheep – Focus on the futureGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Francis Kearney, ICBFFemale Fertility – Are we at the limit or can we further improve using genetics?Genetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Margaret Kelleher, ICBFC.O.W. v2 – Feedback and plans for the futureGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Donagh Berry, TeagascVistaMilkGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Deirdre Purfield, TeagascGenomics-What else can we gleam from this technology?Genetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
Pat Dillon, TeagascEBI – 20 Years On: Past, Present & FutureGenetics Conference 5th Dec, 2018.
ICBF, Teagasc & AbacusBioA dairy-beef index to rank beef bulls on profitability when mated to a dairy cowTeagasc National Beef Conference Oct, 2018.
Christopher DalyTeagasc Beef In Service TrainingTeagasc Beef IST. Oct, 2018.
Kevin DowningHow ICBF and cattle genetics are changing the sustainability gameGlobal Conference on Sustainable Beef. Oct, 2018.
Andrew CromieImproving Carcass and Meat Eating Quality through Genetics; Some experiences from IrelandBeef Improvement Federation Meeting, Colorado, US.Jun, 2018.
Donagh BerryBreeding the best with the best gives you the best – right? (Word Document)IGA Beef Conference, May, 2018.
Andrew CromieThe Genetic and Productivity Gains Achieved by the Irish Cattle Industry through a Central Data Platform.Beef Australia 2018, May, 2018.
Andrew CromieDairy Breeding UpdateTeagasc In Service Training, Moorepark, Jan 2018
Andrew Cromie & Kevin DowningMinimising risk in the breeding seasonTeagasc National Dairy Conference, Nov 2017
Donagh Berry, Teagasc & Margaret Kelleher, ICBFComplementarity of EBI and COWC.O.W. Launch, Moorepark, Oct 2017
Margaret KelleherC.O.W. Cow’s Own WorthC.O.W. Launch, Moorepark, October 2017
Stephen Conroy, Ciaran Costello, Chris Daly and Niall KilraneProgressive Genetics Visit to Gene Ireland Progeny Test CentreTully, Co. Kildare, 24th/25th Oct 2017
Andrew CromieApplication of Genomic Selection in Dairy and Beef Cattle in IrelandGenomics Symposium, Turkey. Sept, 2017
Andrew CromieThe Irish Beef Genomics Scheme; Applying the latest DNA technology to address global challenges around GHG emissions and food securityISAG-UCD, Dublin. July, 2017
Andrew CromieInterbeef UpdateICAR Conference UK, June, 2017
Margaret KelleherCow’s Own Worth (COW) – synergising data to provide a new tool to aid in culling decisions in seasonal dairy herdsICAR Conference UK, June, 2017
Craig VigorsData Collection Methods used in the BDGP and the Development of Restful API’s for Recording Herd Data.ICAR Conference UK, June, 2017
Andrew Cromie, Stephen Conroy & Pat DonnellanGene Ireland Beef Open DayTully Test Centre, May, 2017
Ross EvansCow Liveweight as a Measure of IntakeJan, 2017
Stephen Conroy, Andrew Cromie & Thierry PabiouMeat quality. What is the future and why is it important?British Cattle Breeders Conference, Jan, 2017
George Ramsbottom, Kevin Dowing, Adrian O Callaghan and Martina GormleyBull Selection Guidelines for Spring 2017Teagasc National Dairy Conference, Dec, 2016
Matthew McClureSNP Quality Control, Parentage, and Genetic Disease Risk Management in IrelandISAG-Salt Lake City, July, 2016
Pat DonnellanPerformance Recording Steering Committee UpdateAug, 2016
Ross EvansBeef Genomic EvaluationsAug, 2016
Margaret KelleherCow Own Worth (COW) IndexAug, 2016
Tara CarthyPedigree vs Genomic InbreedingAug, 2016
TeagascUpdate of Economic Breeding IndexAug, 2016
Francis KearneyEBI Research UpdatesAug, 2016
Francis KearneyGenomic Evaluation UpdateAug, 2016
Francis KearneyEconomic Breeding Index Base ChangeAug, 2016
ICBF & TeagascMulti-breed Genomic Evaluations for 1 Million Beef Cattle in IrelandJul, 2016
Kevin DowningCork Marts PresentationJul, 2016
Mark WatersICBF Database & Management ReportingMay, 2016
Don CrowleyMilk Recording Potential and explanation 2016Feb, 2016
Francis KearneyGenetic Gain & Breeding ProgrammesNov, 2015
Sean CoughlanSimplifying Animal Health With TechnologySkibbereen Digital Week, Nov, 2015
Matthew McClureUtilizing millions of genotypes, phenotypes, and pedigree records, along with a few thousand WGS, to identify the best cattle breeding strategy in IrelandIllumina UK User Group Meeting Nov, 2015
Ross EvansGenomics and Recording BDGP Data OnlineSkibbereen Mart, Oct, 2015
Matthew McClureBovine Genetic Disease Frequencies: A national perspective on commercial and pedigree cattle in IrelandISAFG-Italy,July, 2015
ICBF & TeagascICBF Beef Industry MeetingJuly, 2015
Matthew McClureSNP Selection for Nationwide Parentage Verification and Identification in Beef and Dairy CattleICAR – Poland, Jun 2015
Chris DalyBeef Data Recording In IrelandICAR – Poland, Jun 2015
Pat DonnellanOutcross Bulls & BDGPBeef Herdbook Meeting, May 2015
ICBF & TeagascICBF Beef & Dairy Industry MeetingMay, 2015
Matthew McClureGenomics in Ireland with the IDB SNP chip: Parentage, Breeding Values, and Disease StatusHolstein UK, Board Meeting, May, 2015
Andrew CromieThe Irish Collaboration StoryAustralian Dairy Herd Improvement Association, Mar 2015
Noirin McHughDo genetic indexes work?Teagasc In-Service Training, Feb 2015
Matthew McClureSNPs for beef and dairy parentage confirmation and prediction Interbull Techncal Meeting, Verden, Germany, Feb 2015
Chis DalyEuro-Star Indexes – How to InterpretTeagasc IST Beef, Feb 2015
Ross EvansFundamentals of the Euro-Star EvaluationTeagasc IST Beef, Feb 2015
Niall Kilrane, Pat Donnellan & Ciaran CostelloGene Ireland Maternal Breeding ProgrammeTeagasc IST Beef, Feb 2015
Stephen ConroyTully Performance Test ProgrammeTeagasc IST Beef, Feb 2015
F Kearney & D BerryApplication of Genomic Selection in Dairy CattleGenomics Workshop, Nov 2014
Dorian GarrickAn International Perspective on GenomicsGenomics Workshop, Nov 2014
Donagh Berry et al.Multi-breed beef genomicsGenomics Workshop, Nov 2014
Matt McClureThe potential application of genomic technology, from farm to forkGenomics Workshop, Nov 2014
Sinead McParlandIntroduction to Animal Breeding & GenomicsGenomics Workshop, Nov 2014
Kevin DowningICBF Database and HerdPlus Management ReportingNov 2014
ICBFBeef & Dairy Industry MeetingOct 2014
Chris DalyHow to use Euro-Stars to pick the breeding stock for your systemSep 2014
Chris DalyGene IrelandJun 2014
Chris DalyUsing the Euro-Star IndexJun 2014
Sean Coughlan, Andrew CromieBeef Round-table presentationJun 2014
Lisa RingUsing the Birth Event ScreenMay 2014
Matt McClureICAR-Interbull Presentation – Application of a custom SNP chipBerlin, May 2014
ICBFTully Slides CompleteApril 2014
Sean Coughlan Sexed Semen and Update on EBI (IHFA Club meeting) Jan 2014
Christy Watson (Teagasc)Beef Seminar Naas – Benefits of 5 Star versus 1 StarNov 2013
Andrew Cromie Strategies for Sustainable Success; The right cow to drive performance – Teagasc National Dairy ConferenceNov 2013
Matt Lucy, University of Missouri-ColumbiaA US Perspective on Dairy Herd Fertility – Teagasc National Dairy ConferenceNov 2013
Chris Daly & Pat DonnellanICBF/Teagasc/AHI Suckler Event – Euro-Star Index & latest breeding developmentsNov 2013
Teagasc“Is calving beef heifers at 24 months an option?”Nov 2013
Matt McClureICAR-Parentage Recording + Genetic Analysis WGs_MS imputationOct 2013
Anon.Dairy & Beef Industry Meeting PresentationsOct 2013
Matt McClurePractical applications of genomic selections for the national genetic improvementSep 2013
Anon.Beef & Dairy Industry Meeting PresentationAug 2013
Marianna KowalczykOptimal herd management through a milk sample July 2013
Chris Daly and Ross EvansTeagasc IST PresentationMay 2013
Andrew CromieElite Cattle Breeding Symposium, South AfricaMay 2013
Anon.Beef Industry Meeting PresentationMar 2013
Chris DalyHerdPlus BTAP PresentationMar 2013
Pat DonnellanEuroStars_Explanatory_leaflet_140313.pdfFeb 2013
Stephen Conroy, Noirin McHughPresentation to the Progressive Genetics AI technicians, Teagasc, Grange, Dunsany, Co. MeathMar 2013
Pat Donnellan€uro-Stars ExplainedFeb 2013
Pat DonnellanBeef Progeny Test OverviewFeb 2013
Pat DonnellanBull Breeder MapFeb 2013
Pat DonnellanBull Breeder BrochureFeb 2013
Andrew CromieBritish Cattle Breeders Club Conference – Are the UK beef breeding industry structures fit for purposeNov 2012
AnonPresentations to ICBF Breeding Industry Consultation meetingNov 2012
Wickham, McParland, Horan, Massart, & BerryPresentations to OptiMIR Workshop at Teagasc MooreparkNov 2012
ICBF/TeagascGenomics – A New Era for Cattle
Breeding. Session 2
Nov 2012
ICBF/TeagascGenomics – A New Era for Cattle
Breeding. Session 1
Nov 2012
VariousPresentations to ICBF Breeding Industry Consultation meetingOct 2012
Stephen ConroyPresentation to the Salers Council, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.Sep 2012
Stephen ConroyPresentation to the North-East Limousin breeders club meeting.Sep 2012
ICBFIntroduction to new Terminal and Maternal Beef IndicesAug 2012
ICBFEuro-Star ReviewAug 2012
Stephen Conroy, Andrew Cromie & Pat DonnellanPresentation to Herdbook Technical Meeting.Aug 2012
Anon.Presentations to ICBF Breeding Industry Consultation meetingJuly 2012
Stephen ConroyPresentation to Belgian Blue pedigree breeders, Birr, Co. Offaly.July 2012
Stephen ConroyPresentation to Charolais council, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.July 2012
Ross Evans, Andrew Cromie & Stephen ConroyPresentations to the Herdbook Technical MeetingJune 2012
Brian WickhamInformation for Beef Breeding: Interbeef & ICBF’s Beef HerdPlus ®June 2012
Brian WickhamInterbeef and Ireland’s Infrastructure for Beef Cattle BreedingJune 2012
Stephen ConroyPresentation to the Tully technical working groups, Portlaoise.June 2012
HerdplusBeef Herdplus Journal 2012June 2012
ICBFICAR 2012 Technical Tour BookletJune 2012
Stephen Conroy & Andrew Cromie.Presentation to Irish Salers AGM, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.May 2012
Stephen Conroy, Pat Donnellan, Brian Wickham & Ross EvansBest practice in data recording for beef breeding in Ireland (2012)May 2012
Anon.Presentation by Euro-Star Review Group.Apr 2012
Anon.Presentation of Proposal for New Gene Ireland Beef.Apr 2012
Anon.Presentations to ICBF Breeding Industry Consultation Meeting.Mar 2012
Brian Wickham, Donagh Berry & Andrew Cromie.Genomics – a new tool for animal breeding – EU infrastructure enhancements needed to enable full benefits to be realized.Mar 2012
Stephen Conroy, Ross Evans & Pat DonnellanBeef Breeding – Presentation to Charolais Club Meeting, Raphoe, DonegalFeb 2012
Anon.Review of €uro-StarsJan 2012
Cromie AFemale Fertility Performance. Feedback from NZ TripJan 2012
Kearney F, McParland SIrish Grasslands Conference – Putting Genomics into Practice on Farm (Presentation / Paper)Jan 2012
Downing KIrish Grasslands Conference – Putting Genomics into Practice on Farm (Presentation / Paper)Jan 2012
Pabiou TGenetics of Carcass Composition in Irish Cattle Exploiting Carcass Video Image AnalysisJan 2012
Ross Evans, Pat DonnellanGalway Charolais Club MeetingDec 2011
VariousHerdPlus User Day at Corrin PresentationsDec 2011
Brian WickhamPresentation to FAO Workshop, Chile.
(SlidesWritten Paper)
Dec 2011
Pat DonnellanPure Friesian AGMNov 2011
R Evans, A Cromie & F KearneyPresentations to Herdbook Technical MeetingNov 2011
Wickham & DurrA new international infrastructure for beef cattle breedingOct 2011
Berry, Cromie et alPresentations to ICBF Breeding Consultation MeetingSep 2011
Martin BurkeData Cal Project (Statistical Meter Validation) Progress UpdateAug 2011
John McCarthyEstimation of genetic parameters for test day records of dairy traits in a seasonal calving systemAug 2011
Andrew CromieIntegration of genomics into the Irish Dairy Breeding Program (Paper) / (Presentation)Aug 2011
Brian WickhamHarmonization and joint evaluation in Interbull MACE as basis for genomic evaluationAug 2011
Brian WickhamInternational Collaboration – Interbeef and IGenoPJune 2011
VariousCombined Presentation to ICBF Breeding Consultation MeetingJuly 2011
Andrew CromieThe importance of cow type in increasing the viability of the Suckler herd – A Southern Ireland perspective (Paper) / (Presentation)July 2011
HerdplusBeef Herdplus Journal 2011 (file size: 40mb)June 2011
Brian WickhamInternational Collaboration – Interbeef and IGenoPJune 2011
Brian WickhamBeef Cattle Breeding in Ireland – data collection through an integrated databaseJune 2011
Brian Wickham
    1. The new infrastructure for beef cattle breeding in Ireland
June 2011
Brian WickhamHow genomic selection is increasing the profitability of the Irish dairy herdMay 2011
Brian WickhamHow Ireland is capturing the benefits of genomic selection in its cattle breeding populationMay 2011
Andrew Cromie, Sinead McParlandProducing Elite Young TestBulls for G€N€ IR€LAND.Apr 2011
Peter AmerImplications of alternative breeding program structures for dairy cattle in Ireland.Apr 2011
Andrew CromieMaking Greatest Use of Beef Breeding Indexes – Sire & Dam informationApr 2011
  1. Presentations to Dairy and joint Dairy & Beef Sessions of Breeding Consultation Meeting
Apr 2011
  1. Presentations to Beef Session of Breeding Consultation Meeting
Apr 2011
P Donnellan
  1. Beef cattle breeding article in the Irish Grasslands newsletter.
Apr 2011
Andrew CromieMaking Greatest Use of Beef Breeding Indexes. Sire & Dam information.Apr 2011
Andrew CromieDevelopments in Dairy Cattle BreedingMar 2011
Anon.Results of IGenoP SurveyFeb 2011
Andrew CromieDevelopments in Dairy BreedingFeb 2011
ICBFHerdPlus® & G€N€ IR€LAND®  Dairy Breeder’s Conference, Corrin Mart, FermoyJan 2011
Brian WickhamGenetic Improvement of Cattle – Now and in the FutureJan 2011
Martin BurkeICBF Submission for ICAR Cert of Quality 2010Dec 2010
Andrew Cromie & Noirin McHugh
    1. Summary of Presentations and Outcome of Meeting on 8th Dec 2010.
Dec 2010
Niall Kilrane & Brian Wickham
    1. Genetic Improvement of Cattle – Now & the Future.
Dec 2010
N McHugh et al.Breeding Programs to Exploit Genomic Selection in Ireland Dec 2010
Andrew Cromie & Peter AmerGene Ireland Current Status & Implications of Alternative Breeding Program Structures for Dairy Cattle in Ireland.Dec 2010
Evans RRecent Developments in Selection for Docility in IrelandDec 2010
Brian WickhamPerspectives of International Cooperation for Animal ImprovementNov 2010
VariousPresentations to Cattle Breeding Consultation Meeting 16th November 2010.Nov 2010
Anon.Beef Breeding in IrelandOct 2010
Anon.Beef Expo 2010 AnimalsOct 2010
Anon.Presentations – HerdPlus® & G€N€ IR€LAND®  User Beef Breeding Event.Oct 2010
Francis KearneyPresentation to Irish Grasslands Association: The Future of Beef Breeding – Euro-stars and GenomicsSep 2010
Andrew Cromie et al.IGenoP Progress ReportAug 2010
Brian Wickham & Andrew CromieIrish Cattle Breeding InfrastructureAug 2010
R. Mrode et al.A comparison of various methods for the computation of genomic breeding values of dairy cattle using software at genomicselection.netAug 2010
Cromie et al.The Theory of Genetics Applied to Livestock Production; Some Experiences from IrelandAug 2010
Kearney F et al.Implementation and uptake of Genomic Selection in Irish Holstein-Friesian Dairy CattleAug 2010
B. K. Meredith et al.Genome-wide Associations for Milk Production and Somatic Cell Count in Irish Holstein-Friesian CattleAug 2010
M.L. Bermingham et al.Genetic correlations between
susceptibility to Mycobacterium bovis infection
and performance in Irish Holstein Friesian dairy cows
Aug 2010
McParland S et al.Predicting Energy Balance Status of Holstein Cows using Mid-Infrared Spectral DataAug 2010
N. McHugh et al.Genetic parameters for cattle prices collected at livestock martsAug 2010
Berry B et al.Revision of the Fertility and Health Genetic Evaluations for Irish Holstein-Friesian Dairy CattleAug 2010
Pabiou TGenetics of Wholesale Carcass Cuts Predicted from Digital imagesAug 2010
ICBFICBF Dairy & Beef Genetic
Evaluations Meetings – Agenda 3
Jul 2010
ICBFICBF Dairy & Beef Genetic
Evaluations Meetings – Agenda 2
Jul 2010
ICBFICBF Dairy & Beef Genetic
Evaluations Meetings – Agenda 1
Jul 2010
Cromie AIGenoP (International Genomic Evaluation Partnership). An evolving conceptJun 2010
Cromie AICAR 2010. International Genomic Co-OperationMay 2010
Wickham BICAR 2010. The new infrastructure for cattle and sheep breeding in Ireland.May 2010
Coughlan SICAR 2010. Using Integrated Solutions to achieve High Levels of Performance Recording in Beef HerdsMay 2010
Berry DICAR 2010. An International List of Genotyped AnimalsMay 2010
Berry DICAR 2010. Genomic Selection and Parentage TestingMay 2010
Burke MICAR 2010. Milk Recording Systems & Services in the 21st Century – Challenges / OpportunitiesMay 2010
Wickham, BCE Presentation to AGMMay 2010
Cromie A et al.International Genomic Co-operation; Who, what, when, where, why and how?May 2010
Cromie A et al.Potential for Beef Breeding.  Some thoughts …Apr 2010
Kearney F et al.Implementation and First Year Results on the use of Genomic Selection in Dairy Cattle in IrelandApr 2010
Berry DGenomic selection for beef cattle in IrelandApr 2010
Pabiou TUsing Digital Images of Carcasses in the Irish Genetic EvaluationApr 2010
ICBFDevelopments in Irish Breeding ProgramsMar 2010
Pabiou TNational & International Genetic Evaluation for Irish Beef Cattle.Feb 2010
Cromie ADevelopments in Gene Ireland.  Discussion with ICBF Board.Feb 2010
Donnellan PGROW 2007 – 2009. The story so far!Jan 2010
Evans RBeef Genetic Evaluations & Pedigree Sale Catalogue Standard.Jan 2010
Pabiou TUsing Digital Images to Predict Meat YieldsJan 2010
Cromie AICBF Beef Industry MeetingJan 2010
Pabiou TICBF Genetic Evaluation Expectations from InterbeefJan 2010
Cromie A. & OthersDairy Breeding Consultation Meeting PresentationsJan 2010
Kearney FDairy Breeders’ ConferenceDec 2009
Shalloo L,
Evans R,
Kearney F,
Cromie A
Dairy Breeding Consultation Meeting ReportDec 2009
Wickham BAdvances in Livestock BreedingDec 2009
Kearney FDairy Breeding Consultation MeetingNov 2009
Downing KHerdPlus – Your One Stop Breeding AdviceOct 2009
Conroy STully Open Day 2009 SurveyOct 2009
ICBFG€N€ IR€LAND Dairy Catalogue: Autumn 2009Oct 2009
ICBFTully Open Day Catalogue October 2009Oct 2009
Cromie AICBF Beef Industry MeetingOct 2009
Kearney F et al.Implementation and Uptake of Genomic Evaluations in IrelandSep 2009
ICBFEBI €100 OPEN DAY 2009Sep 2009
Evans RBeef Industry PresentationSep 2009
Kearney F et al.Implementation and Uptake of Genomic Evaluations in IrelandAug 2009
Evans R et al.Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation for Docility in Irish Suckler Beef CattleAug 2009
Pabiou TUsing Digital Images in the Irish Genetic EvaluationAug 2009
Wickham et al.ICBF Presentation to meeting with Teagasc Animal Bioscience GroupAug 2009
Dewhurst et al.Teagasc Animal Bioscience Group Presentation to meeting with ICBFAug 2009
Cromie AICBF Dairy Industry MeetingJuly 2009
Cromie AEconomic values and fertility evaluationsJuly 2009
Wickham BProposal for DAFF funding by way of Annual Cattle & Sheep Grant AssistanceJune 2009
Berry D, Kearney FGenomic Selection Procedures for Ireland (version 1.1)June 2009
Berry D et al.The Economic Breeding Index: A Generation OnJune 2009
Brian Wickham et al.Practical Aspects of Implementing Genomic Selection in IrelandMay 2009

Genomic WorkshopAgendaGerry Boyle Ireland’s capacity to be world leadersMike Magan What does the Agri-Food Industry want from research?

Brian Wickham Irish Cattle Breeding Industry Equipped for Innovation

Sinead Waters, Michael Diskin Teagasc: Resources and short-term plans

David McHugh Moore’s Law, Genomics and the Future of Animal Breeding

Donagh Berry, Francis Kearney Genomic Selection: from Innovation to Application

Andrew Cromie Fertility – Work in Progress

Alex Evans Research on Fertility in Cattle

Stephen Butler, Michael Diskin, Seamus Hanrahan Fertility – Work in Progress

Simon More Animal Health

Fran O’Mara Emerging Traits of Economic Importance: Feed Efficiency

Andrew Cromie, Donagh Berry, Alan Fahy Meeting Summary

Apr 2009
Cromie AICBF Dairy Industry MeetingFeb 2009
B.L.HarrisGenomic SelectionJan 2009
Cromie AICBF Dairy Genetic Evaluation MeetingJan 2009
Berry DGenomic SelectionJan 2009
Twomey KUse of Iinsemination Data in Fertility Genetic EvaluationsJan 2009
Cromie AG€N€ IR€LAND Meeting AI Company ParticipantsJan 2009
Wickham BReader Survey Results for ICBF & Sheep Ireland Weekly UpdateJan 2009
Cromie A,
Ramsbottom G
EBI €100 Discussion Group Competition – Judges Overview.Jan 2009
Cromie A,
Ramsbottom G
EBI €100 Discussion Group Competition – The Winners.Jan 2009
Sonesson A, Meuwissen T, Cromie AGenomic selection in Irish dairy cattle breeding schemeDec 2008
Evans RGenetic Improvement in the Irish
Dairy and Suckler Beef Herds:
Latest developments
Dec 2008
Cromie AReview of G€N€ IR€LAND ProgramsNov 2008
Kearney FGenomic SelectionNov 2008
Downing KHerdPlus® is your one stop Breeding ServiceNov 2008
Cromie A,
Wood R
Beef Breeding in Ireland for International Beef ExpoOct 2008
Wickham BData for Breeding Profitable Holstein FriesiansOct 2008
Cromie AICBF Beef Industry MeetingAug 2008
Cromie ABeef EBI economic weightsAug 2008
Kearney FGenomic Selection: The Revolution has BegunJuly 2008
Pabiou T
Cromie A
Kearney F
Presentation to Beef Breed Association meeting with ICBF on 10th JulyJuly 2008
Veerkamp RPresentation to Beef Breed Association meeting with ICBF on 10th JulyJuly 2008
Cromie A Wickham B Coughlan S Burke M.The Impact of New Technologies on Performance Recording and Genetic Evaluation of Dairy and Beef Cattle in Ireland.June 2008
Cromie A
F. Kearney
R. Evans
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