Increased Buyer Confidence

  • Pedigree Breeders taking part in the WHPR program are voluntarily getting their young pedigree animals independently assessed by ICBF annually. Measurements and weights are recorded on all pedigree animals under 365 days of age. Participating herds also receive spot check visits from ICBF, to validate the herd’s data.

BEEP-S – The weight’s recorded at a herd’s WHPR visit will satisify those animal’s BEEP requirements

Bull Finder

  • This is a new online bull sales section on the ICBF website.
  • Only bulls from WHPR herds will be included.
  • A bull’s €uro-Star details will be displayed along with the Breeder’s contact details.
  • Breeders can also upload photos and comments about their bulls.

€uro-Stars & Reliability %

  • The €uro-Stars of pedigree animals will come more in line with what a Pedigree Breeder would expect them to be.

– At birth, a bull calf’s €uro-Stars will be the average of his Sire & Dam’s €uro-Stars (Parent Average).

– His stars can change if weight/score data is recorded on him.

– So by recording data on him through the WHPR programme, you are giving his €uro-Stars the possibility of moving away from what he got at birth.

  • The more Pedigree Breeders that get their herd’s performance recorded, the more accurate the whole €uro-Star system becomes for everyone.
  • Scoring & Weighing will increase the reliability % of an animal’s €uro-Stars.
  • The €uro-Stars of low reliability animals are more likely to change.


  • Animals in participating herds will have a ‘Stamp’ displayed beside their €uro-Stars so as they are clearly identified as having come from a ‘Performance Recorded’ herd.

ICBF Performance Recorded

Animal was scored/weighed by an ICBF scorer at a WHPR visit.