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Beef HerdPlus is a tool that can benefit everyone no matter what your breeding goals are. HerdPlus members have exclusive access to a wide variety of profiles, reports and management tools to ensure that they can make the most profitable and sustainable decisions on farm.


Euro-Star Profile The Euro-Star Replacement Index is a single figure profit index aimed at helping farmers identify the most profitable bulls and cows for breeding beef herd replacements. The Euro-Star report is the No. 1 breeding tool for suckler farmers in Ireland for;

Expected Calving Profile

Fertility and Breeding Chart Profile

Pedigree Herd Profile

Weight, Due first serve and Due repeat profiles


Calving Report The Calving Report looks at all beef calvings in the herd between July 1st and 30th June and allows herds to fully asses their calving performance through Key Performance Indicators such as Calving Interval, Calves per Cow per Year etc. These KPIs can be discussed with the herds advisor and used to inform breeding and management decisions in the coming year.

Euro-Star Report Get a detailed breakdown of the Euro-Star ratings for all animals in your herd. Compare your top and bottom cows/heifers and identify areas that can be improved on.

Suckler Cow Report The Suckler cow report combines Genetic Indices and Progeny performance history, all in one report. It allows a farmer make correct breeding/culling decision on a suckler cow based on her progeny’s performance in the herd.

5 Year Trend Report The aim of this report is to illustrate the improvements that are being made at national level and highlight the positive impact that genetics is having on the national beef herd.

Slaughter Report

Bull Tracker Report This report will show you how a Bull that you owned or bred has performed in the years after he was sold in terms of the quantity and quality of stock that he sired including calving, weight, fertility and slaughter data where available.

Weaning Performance Report The Weaning Performance Report is a new report for suckler farmers that are weight recording their cows and calves. The report calculates an adjusted 200-day weight for each calf and its dam and then expresses the calf 200-day weight as a % of the cow’s weight to give you a ‘Weaning Efficiency %.

Beef Output Report The purpose of this report is to allow beef farmers, both suckler and drystock, to assess the output performance of their herds. Output is measured in kg of liveweight produced per year and there are the key performance indicators (KPI’s) in the report.

Stock Reports and Stock Reconciliation and Nitrates Reports

Dairy Beef Weight Report This report allows farmers who are involved in the Dairy Beef Calf Programme to analyse the weights of their dairy beef calves. This data is important for supporting beef farmers who are rearing calves from the dairy herd and to further facilitate the integration of the dairy and beef sectors.

Applications & Tools:

Access to generate a Sales Catalogue

Inbreeding Checker

Special offers on genomic testing (only €22/head)

New Animal search (male and female searches)

Teagasc Profit Monitor

BEAM Calculator

Beef Discussion Group Reports:

Beef Calving Report

Beef Farm Info Report

Beef Output Report

Eurostar report

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