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Working with ICBF

ICBF exists to benefit our farmers, our agri-food industry and our wider communities through genetic gain. We do this by the application of science and technology to ensure that our farmers and industry make the most profitable and sustainable decisions, through the use of the services provided from the ICBF cattle breeding database.

ICBF are a growing team of over 100 employees split into 8 teams that cover everything from genetic evaluations and farmer support to software development and finance. Our vision in ICBF is to empower sustainable farming through collaboration and excellence in genetics and big data solutions.

We at ICBF find ourselves in a unique position as we hold the national database for which all information is held on bovine animals in Ireland.

Our main function in ICBF is to ensure genetic improvement in bovine animals in Ireland. Genetic improvement can be identified as when the parents of the next generation are genetically superior to their contemporaries. This process happens through

  • The identification, ancestry, and quantitative data on those traits of importance for large numbers of animals in each generation.
  • A genetic evaluation system to identify the genetically superior animals in each generation.  An essential part of the genetic evaluation system is a scientific knowledge of the objectives and principles of cattle breeding.
  • A breeding scheme design that ensures the required data is available, and that farmers use genetically superior animals in each generation.
  • Well informed farmers and industry partners who willingly provide accurate data from their own farms and make full use of the information services provided by ICBF, and its service providing partners, in their breeding and farm management decisions.

Why work with ICBF?

We care about our industry and communities
We care deeply about the agri-food industry and our wider communities. We add value through genetic gain. The Economic Breeding Index (EBI) has delivered €750 million of additional value to the dairy sector over the last 20 years. The Euro-Star index has added a gain of almost €580 million to beef farmers and the wider beef industry over the last 15 years. Our success and reputation comes from continuous investment in our people. We are always on the lookout for ambitious, passionate individuals who want to make a difference in the agri-food industry. In return, our employees have the opportunity to learn and thrive in a supportive environment.

If you’re looking to develop your career, stretch your ambitions and work for a company that has the ability to succeed on the global stage, ours is a journey you’ll want to share. Why not consider joining our thriving and innovative team? Take a look at our current vacancies and Graduate Programme opportunities.

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