Details of upcoming sales are as follows:

MartSale Date
Upcoming SCEP Eligibility Sales

Herds interested in purchasing eligible SCEP females

Entries for these sales can be viewed through your ICBF online account (mobile & app). Once logged in go to ‘Services’ > ‘Stock Express’ > ‘Buyer’ and select the sale you are interested in. Most animals will be entered the week of the sale.

Having purchased genotyped 4/5-star females please recheck your herd’s SCEP compliance online through your ICBF account. Under the ‘View Profiles’ dropdown click ‘SCEP Eligibility’. This profile will give you an up to date picture of where your herd stands in relation to each target. Any targets which your herd is non-compliant on will be highlighted in red.

If you are short SCEP eligible females and have been granted the extension to the 24th November these sales may be of interest to you to meet the female target for 2023.

Herds with Surplus Animals interested in selling eligible females

If you have a surplus of genotyped 4/5 star females currently in your herd after the latest evaluation, the upcoming SCEP eligible female sales might be of interest. Herds that are short of their requirement will have to purchase genotyped 4/5-star females before 24th November. If you would consider selling (surplus only) genotyped 4/5 star females please see the sales information below.

Please note: Only surplus animals can be sold. Females that were counted in a herd’s target for 31st October will NOT be eligible in a new herd on the 24th November. An animal can only be counted once for meeting a herd’s eligibility criteria.

If you are interested in selling eligible females, simply log on to the ‘ICBF Web Application’ app. This is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once logged in go to Menu > Services > Stock Express. Here you can select to ‘Sell’, then choose ‘Mart Sale’ from the sales category and a list of upcoming sales will appear. Once a sale is selected, all genotyped 4/5 star (in the current evaluation) females in your herd will be displayed and can be entered for that sale. These sales will be sections of regular mart sales. SCEP herds short of eligible females will be notified of all upcoming sales.