We are delighted to introduce our new and improved ICBF HerdPlus mobile app. This app has new features and improvements, making it more user friendly for herd owners to gain quick access to their HerdPlus accounts, track the status of calves submitted for the National Genotyping Program (NGP), view management profiles and record events. The new app is quick and easy to use, allowing you to access information on your herd at the click of a button and save time recording data. Viewing animal profiles and recording events has never been as easy.

The new and improved app will allow you easy access to a wide range of HerdPlus services, such as the EBI, EuroStar and scorecard details on the animals in your herd profile:

Access calving and fertility key performance indicators and compare your herd versus the national average and top 10% herds in the country. In addition, view the expected calving details on your herd such as expected due date, date of last serve, last bull used and expected EBI details of the progeny.

View all milk recording tests, individual animal milk data and SCC data grouped by persistently infected, recently infected, and recently cured animal listings.

View Co-Op Performance data and compare your herd versus your Co-Op average and top 10%. In addition, view 5-year trend graphs for Fat + Protein Kgs, Litres per Cow per Day, Fat %, Protein %, Average Milk Price (cpl) and SCC.

Record information on your animals such as group dry-offs, heat and serve data, health events, missing sires, and update jumbo/purpose.

Track the full genotyping status of animals and submission of calves for the NGP, from the sample being requested, received on farm, sample sent to lab, sire and dam verification to receiving a full genomic evaluation.

The new app works on Android and iOS devices (tablets and phones) and is free to download via the App store (iOS) or Play store (Android). You can find it by searching ‘ICBF HerdPlus’ in either app store. We will continue to add more features and improvements to the app over the coming months.