We are now at the peak in terms of NGP samples received in the lab at week 9.

Close to 218,000 passports for NGP calves have been issued so far in 2024 . Last week saw more than 98,000 samples processed. This is the largest number of samples processed in 7 days, highlighting a major milestone in the programme.

As a result of the improvements implemented last week, farmers should now be receiving text message notifications about samples in the lab greater than 10 days. The calf’s passport will automatically be issued on day 10 of the sample being in the lab. The genotype result will follow thereafter. Similarly samples that are deemed empty or unsuitable will also prompt the passport to be issued. The farmer will need to follow up with their tag company to order a new DNA button tag to resample the calf for its genomic evaluation.

Last week’s figures

  • Over 82,000 calf samples were received into the lab.
  • More than 98,000 calf samples were processed in the lab.
  • The average time from birth to sample being received in the lab was 6.9 days.
  • The average time a sample spent in the lab last week was 4.7 days.
  • The average turnaround time from birth to passport being issued was 13.3 days.

Programme overview to date

  • 285,827 calf samples received in the lab to date.
  • 248,060 calf samples genotyped to date.
  • 98% of calf samples received in the lab continue to be processed within 7 days.