We are now in week 7 of 2024 and the National Genotyping Programme (NGP) is progressing well. As of today, 13th February, more than 66 thousand animal passports have been issued via the NGP.

The average time a sample spent in the lab last week was 4.3 days.

The average total turnaround time from birth to receiving the animal’s passport is on average, 12.5 days.

Postage delays are causing some issues with some samples arriving in the lab several days after posting and similarly with animal passports arriving on farm. While this is not ideal, farmers are advised to continue posting samples at least twice weekly to reduce the total turnaround times for their herd, in the specific envelopes provided by their tag suppliers.

Download the new ICBF HerdPlus app to quickly track the sample through the full genotyping process of animals and submission of calves for the NGP, from the sample being requested, received on farm, sample sent to lab, sire and dam verification to receiving a full genomic evaluation.