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We have just released the stats on the number of views that the new ‘Stockbull Finder’ service has received, and they make for excellent reading. Since going live at the start of October the ‘Stockbull Finder’ has received 8,173 views from 6,252 individuals. On average, it is receiving 110 views a day and the average time spent on the page is 3 minutes which in website terms is excellent.

Pat Donnellan commented on the results,’ Its brilliant to see these usage results climbing so high so quickly and they back up reports from participating pedigree breeders who have been contacted by farmers through the ‘Stockbull Finder’ and have made sales. We are just facilitating the opportunity for a participating pedigree breeder to get contacted by a beef farmer looking for a new bull. The success of the ‘Stockbull Finder’ is all down to the hard work of the participating pedigree breeders going to the effort of rounding up their cattle to get them performance recorded. Breed Societies have also played a massive part in making this all happen, a prime example of their support is how the Limousin Society is now also hosting the ‘Stockbull Finder’ on their website and the Aubrac, Shorthorn and Irish Aberdeen Angus Societies are also in the process of hosting it on their websites also, with other Breed Societies indicating that they are looking at doing the same.