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Richard Fortune, a county Wexford Salers breeder has recently sold a bull through the online Stockbull finder. The bull- Knottown Rex (IE371214691682) is a very high index Replacement and terminal bull.

Mr. Fortune says that the buyer had singled the bull out on the Stockbull Finder to improve the replacement index and maternal traits within his herd for the BDGP scheme. Mr Fortune also commented, “I hope that in the future the stockbull finder is where serious buyers go when in search of a bull. It’s only one but so far this has been the case.”

Richard Fortune’s Salers cow Usance, winner of the 2013 RDS Maternal Index Award.

The stockbull finder is an online sales section advertising bulls that are in herds that have been Whole Herd Performance Recorded. These bulls have all been linear scored and weighed, as well as all other pedigrees within the herd. This extra recording improves the reliability of the indexes and along with being genotyped this is the most reliable genetic indexes a bull can have without having progeny on the ground. The stockbull bull finder can be accessed from www.icbf.com website.

Any pedigree beef breeder that wishes to have their animals displayed on the Stockbull Finder must first successfully carry out a Whole Herd Visit. To avail of this service please contact ICBF on 023 8820452