To ensure that all expected calving dates are included in your personalised Dairy Pocket Notebook for Spring 2024, all serves and scanning results should be recorded on the ICBF database by 31st October 2023. You can record online or on our mobile App.

To record heat and/or serve information for your herd, log on to your HerdPlus account, go to Record Events > Heat & AI / Serve and follow the steps below.

To Record a Heat:

  1. Find the cow you wish to record.
  2. Click in the date column. The calendar will appear. Select the date the cow was in heat.
  3. Click ‘Save’. A heat event for the cow has been created and saved.

To Record a Serve:

  1. Follow steps 1 & 2 from above.
  2. Add the bull’s AI code or tag number that was used to the ‘Bull Used’ column. The system will do a check to confirm that the bull’s code/tag is valid.
  3. Click on ‘Select Treatment’ to confirm if the bull is sexed or not. For stockbull serves and conventional straws, the treatment selected will always be Non Sexed.
  4. Click ‘Save’. A serve event for the cow has now been created and saved.

Heats and serves can also be recorded via farm software applications. If you are on the AI technician service and your AI technician has a handheld then AI inseminations will automatically transfer across to ICBF.

You can also record your pregnancy scan results for each breeding female in the herd. By entering the ‘number of days in calf’, you can choose what serve to link the pregnancy to if multiple serves are recorded for a cow. To record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ log onto your ICBF account, select Record Events > Pregnancy Diagnosis and follow the steps below.

  1. Find the cow you wish to record.
  2. Select either ‘IN CALF’, ‘EMPTY’ or ‘TWINS’ from the drop down menu ‘Preg Checked’.
  3. ‘Days in calf’ and ‘serve bull’ will automatically populate to match ‘Last Serve’ and ‘Last Bull’. If this information needs to be changed, you can change the number of ‘days in calf’ manually. Once you do this, a pop-up will appear where you will have the option to link to a previous serve. If it is none of these, you can then change the ‘serve bull’. A pop up will appear for you to record a new/additional serve.
  4. Please ensure that all records are saved before leaving the screen.

Have you females that are currently contract reared? Make sure these animals are linked to your herd so they will also show in your Pocket Notebook.

If you do not require a Dairy Pocket Notebook, you can opt out of receiving one by logging into your HerdPlus account, on the homepage click ‘Postal Opt In/Out’ and select ‘No’.

For queries, email [email protected] or call us on 023-8820452.

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