Herds participating in SCEP can use the SCEP eligibility screen to check their current status as regards their 4/5 star female requirement. The eligibility status of stock bulls and AI sires used is also available on the profile screen.

This is available under “View Profiles” and under the beef menu items “SCEP eligibility” is the option available for selection as highlighted below. It is also on the beef farmer landing page once a farmer logs in from a laptop or PC.

The SCEP eligibility screen once opened gives the participants herd the overview on the following:

  • Eligible females
  • Stock bulls
  • AI requirement (only relevant if you use AI).

The live profile screen has the added benefit of being live and up-to-date whenever you enter the screen. This screen displays 3 tabs ‘Summary’, ‘Females’ and ‘Sires’.

The female section will display the list of all females in the herd. Those eligible and ineligible for SCEP.

The eligibility history of each animal is available in the female listing section.

The Sire section covers both stock bull and AI sire status:

We would encourage all SCEP farmers and their farm advisers to check their status between now and October 31st  to ensure all targets are on track. For any queries in relation to SCEP, please contact us on 023-8832883 or email [email protected].