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There are over 400 herds signed-up to the Dairy Gene Ireland Programme to date. Postal and telephone sign-ups are ongoing.

Allocations will commence as soon as semen becomes available. Straws are available in packs of 25 (5 bulls x 5 straws) 35(5 bulls x 7 straws) and 50 (5 bulls x 10 straws). The cost is only €8.50 per straw. Straws are delivered to participants through sales reps and technicians.

If you would like to order straws please Call ICBF on 023 8820452 or Complete a Sign-up Form  and return to Gene Ireland, ICBF, Highfield House, Bandon, Co. Cork.

The breed packs and the EBI details available this year are as follows:

*The Multi-breed pack is a combination of Jerseys, HF x JE crossbreds, Norwegian and HF bulls for comparative purposes.

The dairy breeding programme is a key component of the Irish dairy industry with the aim of providing farmers with new genetics and increase the rate of genetic gain in EBI. The programme is designed so that each participant will receive straws from a selection of High EBI young sires.

These young bulls are sourced from Irish farms and are all from high genetic merit sires and dams.  Click here to view an explanation video on the role of Dairy Gene Ireland Programme and the benefits of the programme nationally.