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The ‘Stockbull Finder’ is the ICBF’s online Bull Sales section on the ICBF website. Only bulls from WHPR herds that have been weighed and scored will be included.So for a beef pedigree breeder – your young bulls will be constantly advertised for sale, while they are in your herd.

How to Upload a picture of your bull to the Stockbull Finder?

The following is a step by step guide on how WHPR breeders can add a picture of their stock bull for sale to the ICBF Stockbull Finder.

  1. Log in to your I.C.B.F account:

2. Go to View Profiles:

3. Then click on Stock Bull Finder :

4. Chose the bull you want to upload the photo of and click on .

5. This screen will then pop up and you can add your photo by clicking .

6. Don’t forget to click on  then when the picture pops up.