The purpose of this scheme is to support beef farmers who are rearing calves from the dairy herd and to facilitate further the integration of the dairy and beef sectors.

Programme requirements:

  • Weigh a minimum of 5 calves up to a maximum of 20 calves.
  • Weights must be submitted to ICBF before 01 November 2021.
  • Only on farm weights recorded with the use of suitable livestock weighing equipment will be accepted. Mart weights, group weights etc will not be accepted.

What calves are eligible?

  • Calves born on or after the 01 January 2021.
  • Male calves of a dairy breed, and/or a male or female calves sired by a beef breed sire born to a dairy breed dam.
  • Calves must be at least 12 weeks of age at the time of weighing.
  • Calves must on the farm for a minimum of 10 days prior to weighing.

How will I weigh my animals?

Animals must be weighed on-farm using a weighing platform and indicator. The platform is placed in a cattle race (crush) and animals are weighed as they pass over it. An owned/borrowed scales can be used or a scales can be rented.

How do I register an Owned scales?

If you are the owner of a scales you must register your scales with ICBF. You can do so by logging onto your ICBF account via the internet or downloading the ICBF Weight Recording app on Google play for Android users or in the App store for iPhone users. You will need to enter your username and password.

  • Username: your username is your Herd Number.
  • Password: your password is a minimum of 6 characters. If you need a password or cannot remember your current password, there are 3 ways to get your password:
  1. Text the word PASS to 089 4577663 to receive your password. NOTE: Your mobile number needs to be stored on our database for this system to work.
  2. Email Support ([email protected]).
  3. Call ICBF on 023-8832883 during office hours (9am-5.30pm).

Once you have logged in, click Services > Dairy Beef Calf Programme > View/Register Owned Scales. You will need to provide the Make, Model, Serial Number and Year of Purchase of the scales. Once registered, you will receive a scales registration number specific for your scales. If you plan on giving your scales to other herd owners, they must register the scales registration number to their account via the View/Register Third Party Scales option.

How do I register a Third Party scales?

If you are registering a third party scales, you must login to your ICBF account online or download the ICBF Weight Recording app on Google Play for Android users or the App store for iPhone users. You will need to enter your username and password. If you need help retrieving these details, please refer back to the previous question.

Once you have logged in, click Services > Dairy Beef Calf Programme > View/Register Third Party Scales. You will need to insert the scales registration number you received from the owner of the scales and the date you received and returned the scales.

How do I rent a scales?

Weighing scales are available throughout the country for farmers to rent for the purposes of carrying out Dairy Beef Calf weighing at a cost of €50 per day.

Scales can be rented via the website or by clicking here

How do I submit the weights?

Weights should be submitted to ICBF within 7 days after weighing and all weights must be submitted before the 01 November 2021. Weights can be submitted online via your ICBF account or a paper form can be requested if necessary. A scales must be registered to your herd or a reservation for a scales in place before any weight recording forms can be issued. To request a paper form, call 023-8832883.

If you have need further information on the Dairy Beef Calf Programme please visit or if you have any queries please contact ICBF on 023-8832883 or email [email protected].