Steven Tierney

David Tierney, along with his sons Paul and Steven operates a beef enterprise in Fethard, Co Tipperary. In excess of 100 cows are calved in a split calving pattern with 75 cows in the spring and 25 in the autumn.  Sixty cows are purebred Limousin or Angus and are run under the Bannixtown prefix. The average Replacement Index of the cows in the herd is an impressive €112 –  this compares to the national average of approximately €89. This high level of genetic merit is backed up by an impressive set of KPIs for such a large herd. The most recent figures for the herd indicate an average calving interval of 377 days with calves per cow per year running at .97.

The aim of the herd is to produce maternal, fertile cattle whilst not compromising on visual appeal. A huge emphasis is put on calving ease due to a combination of a compact calving period and the fact that dairy farmers have become the primary market for bull sales in the area. All the commercial progeny are either finished on farm under 24 months or sold as forward stores depending on the market trends.

The herd has been using DIY AI for the last 3 years and the most recent calf crop saw 41% of the calves being sired by AI. They have also been using Gene Ireland straws for the past 6 years. The use of these Gene Ireland bulls has aided in them widening the genetic diversity which will be of huge benefit to the herd in the future. Some of the most successful Gene Ireland sires used were Nebbiolo, Jym, Creggpark Marcus, Erebos, Moondharrig Knell and Eylau.

Alongside Gene Ireland, the herd is also an active participant in HerdPlus, BDGP, BEEP-S and DNA Calf Reg.


One of the standout cows in the herd is IE341093530857. Sired by a Limousin stockbull, she was born in February 2015. This cow first calved at 23 months and has produced a calf every year for 6 years with a lifetime average calving interval of just 375 days. She is pictured below with her latest calf – a March 2022 born heifer which is growing at a very impressive 1.5 kgs per day. The cow currently has a Replacement Index of €111 and weighed 764 kgs in August 2022. She is 4 stars across breed for Milk and is a great example of what can be achieved in the suckler beef industry through a combination of genetics and top-class management.