The new Co-op Profile is the latest addition to the suite of Dairy profiles available via HerdPlus. The new profile displays all of the important information from the Co-op Performance Report in a profile version.

The profile screen will update monthly on receipt of the Co-op data. Going forward, the quickest and easiest way to access your monthly Co-op data will be via the new profile screen. Farmers can also view historic Co-op data by selecting a particular year in the drop down box.

The Co-op profile and report combine data from the various Co-ops around the country with information from the ICBF database. Information such as cow numbers, EBI, calving intervals, culling data, replacement rate, etc. from ICBF and bulk tank info – litres of milk, fat, protein, SCC, milk price etc. from the Co-ops.

5-year trend information is a new addition to the Co-op Profile which is essential for tracking herd performance and comparing within the Co-op.

How to access the new Co-op Profile?

As with the report version, this new profile is available to ALL Co-op report recipients. It can be accessed by logging into a HerdPlus account and under the ‘View Profiles’ dropdown, you will see ‘Coop Profile under the ‘Dairy’ heading. If you do not know your log-in details, please contact the HerdPlus office on 023-8820452 or email [email protected] .

By choosing to access your monthly Co-op data online instead of receiving in the post, you can help to reduce our carbon footprint. To make the switch to paperless, log-in to and select ‘Postal Opt In/Out’ and select ‘No’ if you would prefer to not receive your Co-op Performance Report by post.

All Co-op profiles and reports are now up to date with the latest data (January to August) and are available to view online. For herds who have opted to receive their Co-op report in the post, these are due to be posted early next week.