We would like to remind BDGP farmers to return any outstanding genotype samples , Carbon Navigators and BDGP animal data recording forms that have been posted to farmers as soon as possible. DAFM will prepare the main BDGP payment run for 2021 in December. To avoid missing out on December BDGP payments, we would encourage all BDGP farmers to complete immediately any outstanding tasks.

We would remind BDGP farmers that all BDGP data (animal and carbon navigator) can be recorded online via www.icbf.com . Once logged into your ICBF account, go to Services-Beef Data & Genomics Programme.

Here there is a user-friendly data recording screen. Note in the example below, there is a bar graph on screen that can guide BDGP farmers on what data or tasks need to be updated to ensure all BDGP requirements are fully complete.

To login into your ICBF online account, you will need to enter your username & password:

  • Username: your username is your Herd Number.
  • Password: your password is a minimum of 6 characters. If you need a password or cannot remember your current password, there are 3 ways to get your password:
  • Text the word PASS to 089 4577663 to receive your password. NOTE: Your mobile number needs to be stored on our database for this system to work.
  • Email Support for ICBF password ([email protected]).
  • Call ICBF on 023-8832883 during office hours (9am-5.30pm).

If you have any queries regarding the above or any other aspect of the BDGP, please contact ICBF on 023-8832883 or email [email protected] .