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We are delighted to present you with the latest list of dairy bulls that have been selected for the Autumn Dairy Gene Ireland program. 

  • This autumn our target is to test 5 High EBI young bulls. Genomic data is used in the bull selection process.
  • All packs will contain the 5 pedigree registered bulls. The average EBI of the bull panel is €266
  • The cost is €8.50 per straw.
  • All Herds who use Gene Ireland bulls are expected to participate fully in recording all relevant data e.g., inseminations, milk recording, fertility, health and disease events etc.
  • Excellent customer support is provided including inbreeding reports for your herd, test bull information sheets & on-line Gene Ireland® reports and profiles.

Pack Sizes are Follows: 

25 straws (5 bulls x 5 straws)

35 straws (5 bulls x 7 straws)

50 straws (5 bulls x 10 straws)

Click here for Test Bull Panel

Click here for a Sign-Up Form

Click here to view our Dairy Gene Ireland webpage

If interested in joining the programme this autumn, then please one do the following:

  • Complete the Sign-up Form and return to Gene Ireland, ICBF, Highfield House, Bandon, Co. Cork
  • Ring ICBF on 1850 600 900 or 023 882 0156 to sign up over the phone.
  • Contact your local Semen Sales advisor.