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The new ICBF Whole Herd Recording Program has just recently passed the significant milestone of having 500 pedigree breeders signing up to avail of the service. The new WHPR program has replaced the old way in which pedigree beef herds were performance recorded by ICBF.

Breeder James and Elizabeth Lynch
Breed(s) Charolais and Simmental
Number of pedigrees 60
History The Charolais herd was set up in 1992. 20 females were imported from Germany with good bloodlines (Baron, Stract,Olaf, Till2000). Top quality AI straws were then used on these females and their progeny(Gin Tonic, Diego, Jupiter,Excellent, Meillard,Invincible,Erudite,LUI,Mogodor,Aboukir,HWN,NEX,URO). We now use straws from Blaelack Digger,Hitman, Hamish, Goldbar, First, Castor,Vittoz. We have never used a stock bull.We cull selectively so that we have a high index herd.We have 2 Simmental females and again use top quality genetics on them.

Click here for more information on how you can become involved in the WHPR program