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HerdPlus is ICBF’s information service which provides herd-owners with performance data which can be used to increase on-farm profit.

HerdPlus uses data from many different sources including Animal events data, AI data, Carcass Data, Genomic data, Milk Recording data, Weight data etc. this is ‘what goes in’. The ICBF database then combines this data and compiles it into various different profiles, reports and applications; this is ‘what comes out’. These profiles, reports and applications are management tools which supply extremely useful data to herd owners. When used correctly and when management decisions are implemented in line with reports etc. there is increased on-farm profit as a result.

HerdPlus is a tool that can benefit everyone no matter what your breeding goals are. The breeding and performance information that herd-owners receive through HerdPlus is information which can be used to:

  • Select your most profitable heifers to keep as replacements
  • Track submission rates, find out your herd’s calving interval and identify what cows should be culled
  • Avoid inbreeding when mating animals; reduce the need for filing with reports easily located online
  • View stock numbers broken down by month and category of animal and create the best matings for your cows
  • Prevent inbreeding and maximize your herd’s genetic gain.

These are just some of the main benefits which HerdPlus can provide at farm level but there are many more benefits which have not been mentioned. 

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