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So you have signed up to the Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP). So what next? How do you register your weighing scales and how do you record your animals weights?

Below are two videos which give you a step by step guide to registering your weighing scales and recording weights online with ICBF for BEEP.

Video 1 – How to register your weighing scales for BEEP on ICBF.com

Video 2 – How to record your animals weights for BEEP on ICBF.com

How will I weigh my animals?

Animals must be weighed on-farm using a weighing platform and indicator. The platform is placed in a cattle race (crush) and animals are weighed as they pass over it (pictures 1 & 2). An owned/borrowed scales can be used or a scales can be rented. Borrowed/owned scales will have to be registered with ICBF before weighing can be done (please see above video 1). Details on renting scales will become available shortly. Weights must then be submitted to the ICBF database via paper forms or online (see video 2 for online subbmission).

What animals are eligible to be weighed in the BEEP?

All suckler calves (beef sire x beef dam) born from 1st Jul 2018 – 30th June 2019 and their dams. Calves must be weighed before they are weaned. Cows and calves must be weighed on the same day.

Click here for an overview of the key information on the pilot.

For the full terms and conditions, please click here.