The ICBF Stock Bull Finder is the only online search engine for performance recoded pedigree beef bulls in Ireland. Currently there are 2,000 future stock bulls for sale on the platform. The Stock Bull Finder has now been available for 4 years and we continue to make updates to the platform to improve the user experience.

Dairy Beef Index and Split Calving Evaluations

In 2020 updates were made to the Stock Bull Finder to display the Dairy Beef Index and new calving evaluations. While completing these necessary changes ICBF took the opportunity to improve the general look and feel of the service to make it easier for farmers to see the bulls they were interested in buying. Pictures of bulls became more prominent, and all the important info was available in one glance. This made it easier for buyers to shortlist bulls of interest.

Stock Bull Finder Overview

Owner Profile

Once a buyer shortlists a bull for a on farm viewing, they like to know what other bulls that breeder has for sale. To cater for this, we have recently introduced an Owner Profile so for each bull you can click on the Owner Profile to see all the other bulls that breeder has for sale. This allows the buyer to have a full view of all bulls for sale and contact details before making contact to arrange a visit.

New Bull Flag

When a new bull comes on to the Stock Bull Finder or a new picture is uploaded the bull gets a New Bull sign. This is to help buyers see bulls that have recently become available for sale. There is also a function to sort by New Bulls or Photo so you can see bulls with recent activity.

New Bull Flag

Extra search options

To help find the bull that you are looking for we have added extra search functionality. You can now search by Animal tag, Sire number and Herd Number. Which should help narrow down your search.

Ongoing Improvements

We will be working on more improvements to the Stock Bull Finder over time to improve the service. If you have any suggestions, please let us know and we can try and implement them.

To select your next Stock Bull:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Stock Bull Finder
  3. Choose your next stock bull

Or click ICBF Stock Bull Finder

Get your bull into the “Stock Bull Finder” by booking your “Whole Herd” Performance Recording visit with ICBF today! Phone 023-8820452 or Email [email protected] . For a Bull to be displayed it must be in a ‘Herdplus’ herd that has had its ICBF WHPR visit in the last 12 months. More information about WHPR can be found Whole Herd Performance Recording – ICBF