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ICBF has added a new update to the record heat and serve events profile screen to compliment the existing features on offer. We hope that you find this new screen update a useful enhancement to the existing record heat and serve events screen.

The main improvement herd-owners will now see is that stock bulls may appear pre-populated on the drop down (Bull Used column) on the record heat and AI screen for natural serves. If a user types in IE or 372 the following criteria should allow for pre-populated males to appear:

  • All pedigree Beef & Dairy males over 12 months old
  • All males which have progeny or have had a natural service recorded in the last 12 months.
  • Is purebred beef Male
  • Genotyped Male (Beef & Dairy)

This will make the job of recording natural serves a lot easier and quicker. Everyone can access this recording screen regardless of wheather you are a HerdPlus member or not. All you need is your username and password. These can be retrieved by texting the word ‘PASS’ to 0894577663 from your nominated phone number.