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It is possible to save data to and retrieve data from the ICBF database using text messaging. For example, to record the dry off of cows with Freeze brands 127 and 645 in your herd, simply text the following message to 089 4577663

Dry 127 645

The dry off date is taken as happening on the same date the text was sent, unless you specify a date. The same applies for Mastitis and Serve events, Eg. SERVE 06APR 212 GMI.

List of ICBF keywords:

Keyword Explanation Examples
DRY Record Dry-off Events using Jumbo tags DRY 47 246 626
SERVE Record AI Service Events using Jumbo tags SERVE 212 247 GMI
PASS Returns password – Requires mobile phone to be registered with ICBF PASS
MAST Record Mastitis Events using Jumbo tags MAST 144
EBI Return EBI data on animals using Jumbo tag or AI Code EBI 48 or EBI RUU
COW Retrieve data on animals using Jumbo tag of animal COW 178
DUE Retrieves the due date using Jumbo tag of animal DUE 178
LAME Record incidences of lameness using Jumbo tags LAME 178

Note: In all of the above cases the message should be sent to 089 4577663It doesn’t matter if your text is in upper or lower case. Your mobile phone number must be in our database for this service to operate. Texts at normal rate.