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Week 11of 2024 saw over 52,000 samples received in the lab and more than 58,000 samples processed.

Last week’s figures

  • 52,000 calf samples were received into the lab.
  • 58,000 calf samples were processed in the lab.
  • The average time from birth to sample being received in the lab was 6.8 days.
  • The average time a sample spent in the lab last week was 3.6 days.
  • The average turnaround time from birth to passport being issued was 12.1 days.

Programme overview to date

  • 401,351 calf samples received in the lab to date.
  • 377,166 calf samples genotyped to date.
  • 367,037 passports issued for NGP calves to date.

Commercial Beef Value

The volume of genotyped calves available for purchase in 2024 has resulted in an increase of animal’s Commercial Beef Value (CBV) displaying on mart boards around the country. The CBV is a tool that gives farmers an insight into the genetic value of animals destined for beef production. It comprises traits that are of economic importance to a non-breeding (drystock) farmer, such as carcass weight, conformation and feed intake. Genotyped animals are parentage and breed verified which gives the buyer more confidence when making purchasing decisions.

Why is it important to have the CBV to hand when purchasing?

There can be massive variation in the beef merit of calves even within breeds. ICBF research has shown that calves bred from higher genetic merit beef bulls have higher carcass weights, better conformation and are more likely to meet factory specifications than calves bred from lower genetic merit beef bulls.