The new Beef Finishing Profile is the latest addition to the suite of beef profiles available via HerdPlus. This new profile allows you to analyse your herds’ finishing performance at both herd level and on an individual animal basis. The interactive profile design enables the user to filter the data returned on screen by:
• Finishing period.
• Animal type (steers, heifers, young bulls, cows, aged bulls).
• Breed type (suckler, dairy x beef, dairy x dairy).
• Animal origin (homebred or purchased animals).
The data displayed in both the herd level dashboard (figure 2) and the animal profile section (figure 3) will update based on the filter option(s) selected.

Figure 1 filter options to refine your search.

Herd level dashboard
The herd level dashboard (figure 2) provides an overview of the herd average performance across a range of important metrics for finishing systems. The information is displayed under two separate headings:
• Key Performance Indicators – Provides herd average information for factory price, price/kg and lifetime euro/day.
• Finishing Performance – Provides herd average information for carcass weight, carcass grade, carcass fat and age at finish (months).

Figure 2 herd level dashboard – view your herd’s KPI’s & finishing performance.

Animal profile section
The animal profile section (figure 3) enables you to view the finishing performance of each animal on an individual basis. It displays the following information: tag number, date of birth, breed, breed type, CBV, origin, days on farm, age at finish, carcass weight, grade, fat, price/kg, factory price, lifetime €/day. This is also available to download in excel or PDF format.

Figure 3 animal profile – view the finishing performance of individual animals.

How to access the new Beef Finishing Profile?
This new profile is available to all HerdPlus members. It can be accessed by logging into a HerdPlus account and under the ‘View Profiles’ dropdown, you will see the ‘Finishing’ option under the ‘Beef’ heading (figure 4). It is also available to view on mobile through the ICBF app. If you do not know your log-in details, please contact the HerdPlus office on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].

Figure 4 log onto to your HerdPlus account to access the beef finishing profile.