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What is the Stockbull Finder?

The ‘Stockbull Finder’ is the new online Bull Sales section on the ICBF website.  Only bulls from WHPR herds that have been weighed and scored will be included.So for a beef pedigree breeder – your young bulls will be constantly advertised for sale, while they are in your herd.

How does it work?

          • After a participating pedigree herd gets its whole herd visit completed with the ICBF scorer, all of the pedigree bulls that were present at the visit (10mths-3 yrs old) are automatically put up on the ‘Stockbull Finder’. The Breeder’s contact details are also displayed to facilitate sales enquiries.
          • Pedigree breeders who are in the WHPR program can manage their bulls through their Herdplus logins. When logged in they can:
                  • Take bulls off the ‘Stockbull Finder’ (Not for sale, injured etc)
                  • Add photos & enter comments about their bulls.
          • The ‘Stockbull Finder’ is one of the biggest reasons pedigree breeders are joining up to the WHPR program as it automatically advertises their bulls for sale after their WHPR visit. There is now a critical mass of over 500 pedigree breeders in the program which ensures that as many breeds and parts of the country as possible are covered before commercial farmers start looking up bulls to buy on it.
          • The ‘Stockbull Finder’ is absolutely unique, as it is the only search engine for beef bulls in Ireland where all of the bulls have been independently weighed and scored by ICBF before being displayed.
          • All of the €uro-Star details have come straight out of the ICBF database. All of the bull’s weight recording, ancestry & genomic details are also shown. The breeder can also put up photos and comments about their bull(s). So from a bull purchaser’s point of view, all of the information needed to make a decision has all been gathered together in one location and has been verified by ICBF & the various Breed Societies. 

How to access it?

Step 1: Go to www.icbf.com & click on the ‘Stockbull Finder’ logo

on the frontpage:


Step 2: Put in your search criteria as regards:

          • Location: You can select individual counties or do a country wide search
          • Breed: Select your preferred breed(s) of bull(s)
          • Stars: Set your €uro-Star cut-offs.


Step 3: Scroll through the bulls that came back from your search. Click on the ‘Owner’s’ name to get the phone number to ring, to enquire about possibly buying the bull.

For example, following is what the ‘Stockbull Finder’ brings back when the following criteria are put into it:

          • Location: Cork
          • Breed: Limousin
          • Stars: 5 Star Replacement Index

55 young pedigree limousin bulls (10mths – 3yrs old) were returned. The first few are shown below. So taking the 3rd bull down as an example ‘IE151602010520’:





‘Mistic Lotus’: 5 Star genotyped pedigree limousin bull. Birthweight recorded and multiple liveweights recorded on him. Bred & owned by Frank Buckley, Kildinan, Co.Cork. Frank is joined up to the WHPR program and had his whole herd visit done  on the 20th of April 2017 where all of his pedigree animals were weighed, including this bull. All of his young pedigree bulls are automatically advertised for sale on the ‘Stockbull Finder’ after the visit.

Go to www.icbf.com and click on Stockbull Finder
All breeds & counties covered

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