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A question that sometime arises “My bull had a 5 Star Genomic Proof, why is he now a 4 Star?”. There is no doubt that Genomics is an extremely important piece of data when it comes to the index of an animal, however it is not the only piece of data contributing to the makeup of the Euro-Star index of an animal.

Genomics is only one piece of the puzzle

An animal’s Euro-Star index is made up of performance data, ancestry data and genomic data (where available). Yes, an animal’s genomic data (DNA) will not change and that particular component of the index will not change over an animal’s lifetime. However an animal may see change to it’s index after being genotyped as a result of new performance data or performance data on an animal’s ancestry or progeny.

Typical example of how an animal’s Euro-Star Index can change over it’s lifetime

Genetic Evaluations take place 3 times a year (April, August and December) . Euro-Star figures get updated with the extra data gathered over those last four months. It is important to keep an eye on the publication schedule to keep up to date of when figures are due to be updated.

Advantages of Genomics:

Higher reliability Eurostar figures: Genotyping increases reliability % figures even before the animal has produced any offspring.

Parentage verification:  A genotyped animal can have its Sire & Dam confirmed.

Traceability: Genotyping ensures that from birth there is full traceability of every meat sample directly back to the animal.

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How can I Genotype?

To avail of this invaluable service, call us on 023 8820452 or alternatively you can order through our self selection screen by logging into your HerdPlus account and selecting ‘Services’ – ‘Genomic Services’ – ‘Place Order’

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Farmers can now genotype all their female calves which will allow them to make a more informed decision around breeding and culling potential replacements. This service could cost herd-owners as little as €22/head which a study has shown represents a four to one return on investment! The new genomic pricing system now means the following:

Beef Animals

–>  No genotyping of commercial animals without being a member of HerdPlus or the Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP). –>  €22/head for males & females. –>  €30/head for pedigree animals for herds Not in HerdPlus or Beef Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP)

Foreign Genotypes

–>  €20/head for genomic evaluation

In the near future genomics will allow farmers to avoid inbreeding through the use of genomic matings, where relationships between animals are quantified at the genomic level. It will also be used to avoid genetic defects that could arise from mating cows to bulls that are known carriers of genetic defects.

Call us on 023 8820452 for further information.

Reference Material: https://issuu.com/herdplus/docs/___uro-stars_explained