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In 2006, we started our mission to provide herd-owners with Dairy HerdPlus containing profiles, reports and applications which would supply useful data for herd owners to aid in decision making on farm and result in increased on-farm profit. In 2007 the HerdPlus service was also rolled out for Beef herds.

Ten years after HerdPlus launched with HerdPlus Profiles, EBI Report, Herdplus Dairy Pocket Notebook and Sire Advice application etc., over twenty seven thousand farmers are currently availing of the HerdPlus service.

From EBI/Euro-Star, Calving and Fertility reports to Pocket Notebooks and Breeding Charts, the HerdPlus service has continued to improve and grow over the years. An example of this continued growth was the recently launched ‘Cow’s Own Worth’ (C.O.W), an online tool which aids breeders in identifying underperforming cows for culling. Another example of this continued growth is the Stockbull Finder which was also recently launched. HerdPlus members can have their herd performance recorded allowing their pedigree bulls to appear on the Stockbull Finder.

We are also currently working on a new version of Sire Advice, which will be launched ahead of the breeding season. The new features will give farmers more flexibility when choosing and allocating bulls for cows.  The HerdPlus Mobile App, which is free to all members, is another example of our continued drive to provide added value for farmers.

This is very encouraging, not only for the HerdPlus team, but for the dairy industry as a whole. What is even more encouraging is the continual upward trend of herd-owners who are availing of this service.

The Future is Bright

We’re very excited and privileged to be a part of an ever-growing global dairy industry. We’re looking forward to offering further services to our existing members across the country and to welcoming many new members in the future.

Stay tuned on our website for regular updates from the team as we share more about what we’re doing.

HerdPlus Applications Dairy Reports Beef Reports Profiles
Full access to all your animals genetic profit indexes (EBI and Euro-Stars) Calving Report Calving Report EBI Profile
Herdplus Dairy Pocket Notebook EBI Report Euro-Star Report Expected Calving Profile
HerdPlus Dairy Breeding Chart Fertility Report Dry-Stock Report Pedigree Herd Profile
Sire Advice application Dairy Cow Report Suckler Cow Report Fertility and Breeding chart Profile
Inbreeding Checker Slaughter Report Slaughter Report Weight, Milk Recording, Due first serve and Due repeat profiles
Stock Reports and Stock Reconciliation and Nitrates Reports Expected Calving List Bull Tracker Report Euro-Star Profile
Access to generate a Sales Catalogue Weighting Report Weighting Report  Cow’s Own Worth
Special offers on genomic testing (only €22/head) Genomic Evaluation Report Beef Output Report
Teagasc Profit Monitor

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