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ICBF is working towards creating a database of animals with potential genetic defects. If one of your cows or heifers has a funny looking calf, please fill out the online survey to report it to ICBF.

Many congenital defects have a genetic basis which can be identified and possibly tested for.

 If you have a calf born with a defect we would like you to take a few minutes to fill out a quick online survey to let us know what is going on. If the animal falls into the defects we are targeting this year, we may ask for a hair or tissue sample. All other queries will be recorded in the database so that we can begin to identify sires that produce animals with defects and keep them in mind for future sequencing projects.

You can find the survey for recording congenital defects on the Health and Disease Page. Under the “Services” tab on ICBF.com you’ll see “Health and Disease” click on the link to go to the Health and Disease Page. See the images below to guide you:

Click on the Health and Disease page link on the front page to go to the Congenital Defect Survey
H&D first page_defects_highlight_1_26_15
Click on the above link for more information on congenital defects, or go directly to the survey by clicking the bottom link. It will take you to SurveyMonkey where you can fill out the survey we have developed to capture this important data.

or Click Here to go directly to the survey.

The survey is composed of questions which will help us identify what defects are most prevalent. We also request pictures of the defective calf which can be shared with veterinarians for possible diagnosis and also to be used as a training tool for future reporting.  We request that at least one photos is a fully body shot with the animal’s tag visible in the photo for size comparison and also so we can link the photos to your survey results with the tag number. As soon as you can, please e-mail photos directly to [email protected] after you’ve filled out the survey. Once sent to ICBF, any farm identifiers will be obscured in the photos protecting the identity of the farmer submitting the photos.  If you need an official diagnosis, you will need to send the calf to a regional veterinary lab because ICBF is not equipped to do so.

Good full body shot

We look forward to working with you all on this program. Please contact us via email at [email protected] if you have any queries.