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At the recent Genomics conference in Swords, Co Dublin, Dr. Francis Kearney presented a paper on the Application of Genomic Selection in Dairy Cattle in Ireland. The results of the validation work, carried out on 190 genomic bulls with daughters on the ground, have shown that ICBF are doing a very good job at predicting the performance of the progeny of genomic bulls in Ireland.

Summary of Key Points from Presentation

  • Over 60% of AI usage are now Genomic Bulls
  • Average bull teams size is 4.5 bulls
  • Genomics is accurately predicting for Fat and Protein KG
  • Genomics is currently under estimating Caving Interval & Survival.
  • Genomics is delivering better milk and fertility in the Teagasc Next Generation Herd.
  • Parentage validation is another benefit of genotyping dairy stock.
  • More and more farmers are genotyping their young stock as the cost of genotyping continues to fall.


Click on the picture to open the link to the talk (begins at 1:39:00)