With the 2023 calving season just after kicking off on a lot of farms, we would love to see snaps of your Gene Ireland progeny. Beef, dairy and dairy/beef!

Gene Ireland participants are invited to send us pictures of their 2023 calves that are sired by Gene Ireland bulls, or alternatively cows/heifers that are sired by previous Gene Ireland bulls.

We will share all photos on our social media channels. There’s a €50 One4All voucher up for grabs for the most popular photo in each category.

How to enter:
1. Send us a snap of the Gene Ireland calf via DM or you can email [email protected]
2. Give us some information including your own name, the calf’s tag number and the name of the Gene Ireland bull used.
3. Enter as many times as you like!

Next time you’re in the shed and you have a minute, take a shot and send it in! Please include the tag number, your herd number and some details. Winners will be chosen and contacted later in the Spring.


Email: [email protected]

If you wish to sign up for 2023 Dairy, Dairy/Beef or Beef Gene Ireland, please contact 023 882 0452 or email [email protected].