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The second highest price at the recent Limousin Premier Sale in Roscrea went to Keltic Londolozi.  Londolozi’s sire is the former Gene Ireland tested bull Keltic Hansome. Both bulls come from the same Whole Herd Performance Recording herd. He was sold for €8300. Keltic Hamdsome is a very high replacement index bull at 5 stars within and across breeds and an index of €138. OKH is 5 stars for Daughter Milk and Daughter Calving Interval. This bull is an excellent example of how to improve the replacement index of the herd without compromising on terminal index. OKH also has a 4 star terminal index of €117. The Gene Ireland program aims to introduce young, high replacement index bulls into the national herd. See attached a list of bulls currently available through the Gene Ireland program;

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