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Knockane Dag has a terminal index of €122 @ 79% reliability on his latest genomic proof (December 2017). Genomics increased Dag’s reliability by 29% when he was initially genotyped in 2016.

Progeny from Gene Ireland bulls were recently slaughtered after completing a feed efficiency trial at the Gene Ireland Progeny test centre located in Tully, Co. Kildare. Among the animals on test during this trial period was a son of (KJG). This animal was slaughtered at 22 months of age and was out of a LMxHO dam.

The animal had a dry matter intake of 11.09 kilograms and recorded an average daily gain of 1.43 kilograms/day. This equates to a feed efficiency of 7.76.

Simmental Steer Sired By: KJG

The animal’s initial live-weight was 638 kilograms. He had a final live-weight of 744 kilograms and a carcass weight of 441 kilograms. This equated to a kill-out percentage 55.2%, carcass conformation of U- and a fat score of 4-.

Age at Slaughter 22 months
Dry Matter Intake 11.09 Kgs
Average Daily Gain 1.43 Kgs
Feed Efficiency 7.76
Initial Live weight 638 Kgs
Final Live weight 744 Kgs
Carcass Weight 441 Kgs
Kill out Percentage 55.2%
Carcass Confirmation & Fat U-4-

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