The last bull on our Replacement Index list is Keltic Rembrandt (LM8259). This bull comes from the Keltic Limousin herd in Meath, who many Limousin breeders would know bred Keltic Handsome (OKH). OKH made it through the Gene Ireland progeny testing in 2014 and went on to be a very successful bull in Irish pedigree and commercial suckler herds with over 13,000 progeny registered to him.

An impressive sire stack – Addakya X Ampertain Foreman X Vivaldi, which combines great terminal genetics and good maternal traits. His sire, has been described as complete bull with great growth rates, shape, docility and maternal traits – A known cow maker.

This bull has excellent legs and feet as well as an excellent width of back and pelvis, a trait that is imperative to any suckler farmer interested in keeping his own replacements for ease of calving.

Keltic Rembrandt is €129 on the replacement index with +0.7kgs for daughter milk, this is 4 stars within breed. He will be a great bull for cows, with 2.5% calving difficulty. This is well below breed average (3.82%) and the average across all breeds (3.91%), which is a major asset to a herdowner as it reduces labour at calving and keeps the cows and calves healthy.

He is 5 stars on both carcass weight and conformation which is sure to leave a profit from his progeny, and he has been included in the Whole Herd Performance Recording (WHPR) which has ensured he has been linear scored several times throughout his life by trained and experienced ICBF observers. The data received from this herd is of the highest standard and that is why we have included the WHPR sticker with this bull. Keltic Rembrandt carries 2 copies of the F94L profit gene.

  • Addakya x Ampertain Foreman x Vivaldi
  • Great legs and feet
  • Great width of back & pelvis
  • €129 replacement index
  • Easy calving
  • Cow maker


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