Gene Ireland Maternal Bull Breeder Participant, Tom Power with ‘Ballyhussa Carol’. She has 5 stars for the replacement index, is sired by ‘Ballyhussa Vermount’ and is out of one of the highest indexing cows in the breed, also owned by Tom, called ‘Royal Unity’.

Backround of the herd: The ‘Ballyhussa’ pedigree Charolais herd was established in 2000.

Maternal Breeding: The herd has an overall replacement index of €48 (34% reliable), placing it in the top 10% of Charolais herds. The herd also has an impressive Terminal index average of €109 (32% reliable).

Top Maternal Cows: The highest rated cow for the replacement index is also the top breeding cow in the herd. Her name is ‘Royal Unity’, bred by Kevin Foley, Killeagh, she is sired by ‘Royal Pepito’ and is out of a ‘Royal Lincoln’ cow. She has a replacement index value of €170 (43% reliable). This places her
in the top 1% of Charolais cows for milk and fertility. She also has a terminal index of €130 (42% reliable) which puts her in the top 5% of Charolais cows for that index.

Key traits of interest: Milk, Feet and Size are the 3 traits of most interest.

Recent Sires used: Rotal Estar (Royal Buffalo sired stockbull).

Breeder’s comment: “The pedigree cattle are run alongside the commercial sucklers here and don’t get any special treatment. Therefore cows must be able to go in calf, calve down and rear their own calf themselves. Having good feet and legs and being functionally sound is also extremely important”.

Ballyhussa Ullen (Indurain x Castlemartin imp'95 Leonard) & Tom Power
Ballyhussa Ullen (Indurain x Castlemartin imp’95 Leonard) & Tom Power







Ballyhussa Bluebell (Excellent x Prime Roberto) with her 'Royal Estar' heifer 'Ballyhussa Inca'.
Ballyhussa Bluebell (Excellent x Prime Roberto) with her ‘Royal Estar’ heifer ‘Ballyhussa Inca’.







Ballyhussa Hank (Royal Estar x 2454 Royal Pepito)
Ballyhussa Hank (Royal Estar x 2454 Royal Pepito)






Ballyhussa Pedigree Charolais Herd
Ballyhussa Pedigree Charolais Herd