Gene Ireland Maternal Bull Breeder Participant, Jim Shanahan with ‘Ashtown Jumbo’. He is 5 stars for the replacement index (€249/20% reliable). He is sired by ‘Goulding Jumbo King K436 ET’ and is out of a ‘Gigginstown House Escalator’ cow.

 Backround of the herd: The ‘Ashtown’ pedigree Angus herd was established back in the 1950’s when the first females were purchased from the ‘fellfort’ angus herd in Watergrasshill, Co.Cork.

 Maternal Breeding: The herd has an extremely high overall replacement index of €195 (33% reliable) that rates it as a 5 star herd.

 Top Maternal Cows: The highest rated cow for the replacement index in the herd is ‘Ashtown Fanny’. She has a replacement index of €236 (36% reliable) which places her in the top 5% of the breed. She is sired by ‘Early Sunset Hightime 81G’ and is out of ‘Ashtown Charolette’ who is by ‘Gigginstown House Escalator’. She has a calving interval of 381 days

 Key traits of interest: Temperament & Growth rate.

 Recent Sires used: Goulding Jumbo King K436 Et, Belvin Patriarch & Early Sunset High Time 81g.

 Breeder’s comment: “Temperament is a very important trait and needs to be constantly watched by breeders. Its also important that the traditional stamp that angus bulls leave on their progeny is maintained together with their ability to sire early maturing cattle”.

Ashtown Jumbo (Sire:Goulding Jumbo King)
Ashtown Jumbo (Sire:Goulding Jumbo King)

Cows in the Ashtown Herd


Dam of 'Ashtown Jumbo' & calf
Dam of ‘Ashtown Jumbo’ & calf