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Knottown Roy is one of the latest additions to the Gene Ireland AI panel. The average Replacement Index of this summer’s panel is an impressive €147.

Knottown Roy has the highest Replacement Index of the new Gene Ireland bulls. His Replacement Index is a massive €275. This Begiun son has got exceptional figures for milk and fertility based on his current genomic evaluation (May 2018). He has a figure of 14.50kg for daughter milk and -5.05 days for Calving Interval.

On top of this he is also 5 star within his breed for carcass weight and carcass conformation with figures of 20kg and 1.29 respectively. These along with a calving difficulty figure of 2.00% are what contribute to an overall Terminal index of €117 for ‘Roy’. ‘Roy’ is also 5 Star for docility with a figure of 0.14.

The Gene Ireland Summer panel of bulls offer farmers the opportunity to avail of cutting edge genetics at the very attractive price of €5 per straw. Straws are delivered direct to a farmers DIY tank or to the AI technician of his choosing. The panel of bulls currently available is detailed below. To order straws call ICBF on 023 8820452.