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Just over 1 million dairy cows displayed a dairy index in 2018. This means that over 75% of dairy cows are now displaying an EBI index. 

Over recent years, the average EBI index figure has grown consistently, with EBI increasing from a figure of €17.32 in 2010 to €95.95 in 2018. This represents an average increase of almost €9 per year.

When we look at the figures in more detail, the average EBI figure of €95.95 is made up of €28.8 for milk sub-index, €37.64 for dairy fertility, €27.52 for calving, -€10.42 for beef, €9.32 for maintenance, €1.37 for management and €1.63 for health.

While most sub-indexes have seen improvement, the beef sub-index has seen a decrease from -€6.94 to -€10.42 between 2010 and 2018.

Back in 2010, the milk kgs PTA (Predicted Transmitting Ability) was -11kgs; this figure has grown to 51kgs in 2018. Fat kgs and Protein kgs have also grown from -0.5kgs and -0.6kgs in 2010 to 5.0kgs and 3.9kgs in 2018 respectively.

More statistics can be found on the ICBF Statistics page.