Do you have a bull calf that is of interest by two or more AI Companies? If So, herd-owners can now complete contract offers online for calves that AI Companies are looking to genotype. The improvements will reduce the need for farmers to Sign AI Company contract offers for bull calves, which will in turn, make this job faster and easier during the busy calving season. Opting to Sign contracts online will also help ICBF reduce the carbon footprint.

Animal(s) requested by one AI Company: The genotyping results will automatically go to the AI Company that ordered the genotype. The AI company is specified on the hair sampling kit. No further action is required.

Animal(s) requested by two or more AI Companies: Contract offers can be completed online to indicate your chosen AI company to receive the genotyping results. A text message will automatically go out to farmers to let them know when contracts need to be assigned online.

To Complete AI Contracts online, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log-in to your HerdPlus account.
Step 2: Go to ‘Latest Reports’ and select ‘Postal Opt-In/Out.
Step 3: For the AI Contracts select “No”. By choosing this option, Herd-owners will no longer receive AI Contract offers by Post. Hair sampling Kits will still be posted out when an AI company requests a bull calf. Alternatively, if you would like to receive contract offers by post with the Hair sampling kits, select “Yes”.

The contract offers can then be completed online by logging into your HerdPlus account and selecting. ‘Services’ – ‘Genomic Service’-’AI Contracts’.

On the AI contracts screen, you will be presented with the following two tabs:

  1. The “To be Assigned Tab” shows the list of requested animals to be assigned AI Contracts.
  2. The “Completed Tab” shows the list of animals that been assigned contracts.


If you have any questions on any aspect of the process, please contact ICBF on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].