We are delighted to present you with the breed packs for this year’s Spring Dairy Gene Ireland programme. Now in its 16th year, the program has delivered over €200 million to Irish dairy farmers through increased genetic gain.

Gene Ireland is Ireland progeny’s test programme with its principal aim of identifying high genetic merit bulls to increase the rate of genetic gain on Irish Dairy Farms.  The straws of these high EBI (Economic Breeding Index) bulls are distributed via a network of herds throughout the country.

Use GENE IRELAND bulls. Why?

  • From 2005 to 2014 they have delivered €203 millionin extra profit to the Irish dairy industry.
  • Compared with 2005, farmers are €550/lactation more profitable– we wouldn’t be in this situation without the contribution of the Dairy Gene Ireland program.
  • €8.50 per straw
  • Holstein/Friesian Pack – Average EBI €309

Requirements for herds to participate in the programme involve milk recording, recording inseminations, sire and calving ease details, using all allocated straws in the current season and providing health information as it becomes available on daughters of these bulls.

This Spring the target is to test 70 young genomic bulls and the cost is €8.50 per straw. Pedigree herds will receive all pedigree bulls. Excellent customer support is provided including inbreeding reports for your herd.

The breed packs and the EBI details available this year are as follows:

The Multi-breed pack is a combination of Jerseys, HF x JE crossbreds, Norwegian and HF bulls for comparative purposes. Straws are available in packs of 25 (5 bulls x 5 straws) 35(5 bulls x 7 straws) and 50 (5 bulls x 10 straws).

If You would like to take part in the programme, please do one of the following:

  • Complete a Sign-up Form and return to Gene Ireland, ICBF, Highfield House, Bandon, Co. Cork or Call ICBF on 0238820452 to sign up over the phone.

2019 Dairy /Beef Programme

Dairy farmers involved with the dairy gene Ireland programme have the option of using straws from beef bulls suitable for use in dairy cows. These bulls are short gestation and easy calving sires. Please contact Niall Kilrane on 045 521 573 for more information.