The option to change band on the ICBF Nitrates Band Screen is now live. Dairy farmers can change their previous cow banding submission on between now and the 31st of December 2023.

Most dairy farmers will not need to change their previous banding submission. The option to change any previous banding submission may suit dairy farmers looking to potentially reduce a cow milk kgs band based on this year’s milk and animal data. For example, farm milk supply may have decreased on some farms due to more challenging weather conditions encountered this year.

Farmers should note if selecting Option 3: that dairy cows will remain defaulted to 106 organic N/per cow until early 2024 when the full calendar year of milk and animal data can be assessed for calculation.

Dairy farmers should review their 2023 milk and cow numbers on their ICBF Co-Op profile with their farm adviser before making any banding change. Farmers should note to use laptop or PC when accessing and submitting their milk kgs cow band on ICBF.

For queries on the nitrates band screen or on how to change banding submission, please call the HerdPlus team on 023-8820452 or email [email protected] .