Have you ever wondered why some features are available on your laptop/PC but not on your smartphone or tablet device e.g. Sire Advice?

We continue to work at converting more of the HerdPlus features to be smartphone/ tablet compatibility. However, there are some parts of our online accounts, that do require you to “Switch to Desktop” version for visibility/functionality. Sometimes it is easier to use a laptop or PC to work on applications like  Sire Advice or to generate animal Sales Catalogues. The below menu items appear when you log into your ICBF online account as follows. See highlighted below “switch to desktop” version.

Highlighted in red below are the areas that require the user to ‘Switch to desktop version’ if logged in from smartphone or tablet device.

To summarize, using both your smartphone to record data while on farm on the HerdPlus App and using your laptop/PC to run herd applications will allow you to make best use of your HerdPlus membership. For full information on all the other aspects of the Beef HerdPlus and Dairy HerdPlus services we have also put together user friendly guides for farmers.