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The active bull list gives a complete breakdown of the key profit traits for each sire on the list. There are 75 bulls on the dairy active bull list 2016. The active bull list is available to view on the right-hand side of the page by clicking the link under the bull search.

The EBI details of the 75 bulls are based on the December 2015 evaluations. Semen from all the bulls has been indicated as being available from the various AI companies – hence the term ‘active’ bull list. The criteria for making the list are as follows: EBIs with reliabilities greater than or equal to 35% and also calving difficulty evaluations with reliabilities greater than or equal to 50%. For a bull to be included on the list, his calving evaluation must be based on actual calving survey data either in Ireland or in his country of origin, and not just genomic information.This list has a filter feature which easily allows users to filter bulls by any of the key profit traits . There is also an excel version that can be downloaded by clicking the link on the top right-hand side of the active bull list page. The 75 bulls on the list have an average EBI of €295, ranging from €365 down to €270.

Sire Advice

ICBF supplies a sire advice service to its HerdPlus customers. This service checks sires against cows in the herd for potential inbreeding. It then also matches sires to cows by reducing the difference between the milk and fertility sub indices. For example a cow could have an EBI of €180 (€100 milk sub index and €50 fertility sub index). The system would then select a sire high in fertility to breed a more all round balanced cow. The system then selects matings that will minimise the variation in milk kgs. Users can also select which specific traits they wish to breed for if they feel that there is a specific area they would like to improve. This service really helps with genetic gain and this system can be applied to any herd in order to increase the overall profitability.

Top 10s

These ‘Top 10s’ are compiled from the active bull list. Below you can view the top 10 sires for EBI, Fertility Sub-Index, Milk Sub-Index, KGS Milk, KGS Milk Solids, Fat %, Protein % and Calving Difficulty. These tables are compiled from the top 75 bulls based on EBI on the active bull list.

t 10 eb


t 10 milk


t 10 fert




t 10 ms


t 10 fatp


t 10 prot


top 10 cd