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Farmers, If you have a calf that is born with an abnormality, please let us know.

How to Record Calf Abnormalities

  1. Ensure that the calf is tagged and registered within 28 days of birth.
  2. Where the calf is still on the farm give ICBF a call ASAP, we may require you to take a DNA sample of the calf.
    • Call HerdPlus on 023 882 0452.
  3. Record as much information as possible about the calf at this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/icbfdefect.
  4. Where possible take a picture of the abnormality.
    • Include an object (e.g. a biro) in the picture to give us an indication of scale.

Vets and members of industry can also record information on animals with defects via the same survey.

This information will help us:

  • Identify defects within the national herd.
  • Identify sires and/or dams that produce progeny with defects.
  • Identify environmental toxins or new infectious agents in a geographical area.
  • Develop our genotyping process to allow us to predict such defects from potential matings.