Since Friday 16th June, ICBF has commenced running weekly beef genomic evaluations. This will see genomic evaluations published for beef animals whose genotypes were received in the ICBF database a week previous. This will significantly reduce the amount of time between a sample being received in the lab and a full genomic evaluation being published for an animal.

Up to now, beef genomic evaluations were published every 2 months in the ICBF full evaluation runs. The cut off point for a genotype to be in the database before the full evaluation was generally about 7 weeks before the evaluation publication date. The current evaluation was published on Tue 23rd May. Genotypes had to have been received by Fri 31st March with samples having to be returned to the lab approx. 2 weeks prior to this. This meant that animals were waiting at least 9-10 weeks from a sample being taken on farm and posted, to receiving a genomic evaluation.

Even where a genotype for animal was received in the database a day after the cut-off, it would have to wait a further 2 months until the next publication date to receive a genomic evaluation. In the absence of the new weekly genomic runs, animals for which ICBF received genotypes on 1st April 2023 would have to wait until 25th July 2023 for a genomic evaluation (a wait of over 16 weeks). Going forward, such animals will be picked up in a weekly evaluation run and will receive a genomic evaluation within 2 weeks of the genotype being received in the database. This could be as little as 3 weeks from the sample being posted by the farmer.

The first run on on the 16th June will see all beef animals for which genotypes were received since 01st April, receive a genomic evaluation. Each weekly run after that will include any genotypes received a week previous.

What’s the latest I could send back a sample before receiving a genomic evaluation?

The cut-off for each Friday’s weekly publication will be the previous Friday (7 days before). This is when a genotype would need to be in the ICBF database. Working back from this, it takes at least 7 days for a genotype to be sent to ICBF from when the sample is received in the lab. Where there are no delays in post, lost samples, low call rates, etc. an animal could receive a genomic evaluation in as little as 16 days from when a sample is posted by the farmer. This is the absolute minimum amount of time required. Farmers are encouraged to allow more time than this as there can be delays particularly at busy times of the year where sample volumes are very high.

Will every genotyped animals figures now be changing weekly?

No. Animals which already have a genomic evaluation will only be updated on a full evaluation run (every 2 months). The weekly genomic evaluation will only update the index figures for animals whose genotypes were received in the previous week.

Will one of these weekly genomic evaluations count for SCEP eligibility?

Yes, a weekly genomic evaluation will count for SCEP eligibility provided the animal is 4 or 5-stars on the genomic evaluation.

For more information or to order genotypes for your animals please call ICBF on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].