Beef Farmer Case Study

1. Describe your Beef Production System
Limousin & Simmental cross cows out British Friesian cows. All progeny finished on farm and sent to the factory.

2. Replacements – do you breed or buy them?
We buy all our replacements from British Friesian herds. As we are heading for Autumn calving we need milk in our cows.

3. Do you find Beef Herdplus helpful?
When I received the first report I was amazed at all the information it had on our herd.

4. What report(s) have you found the most useful and why?
All of the information is of great value to anyone that is serious about suckler beef farming. For me the Suckler Cow Report which shows the slaughter value of my animals including their ages, grades and kill-out weights is the most important information I receive.

5. Can you give examples of decisions you made because of Beef Herdplus?
I have culled cows as a result of the information I was given. I was able to improve my calving intervals which then allowed me improve this and operate a more efficient beef system.
I think Beef Herdplus is a great innovation for a Suckler Beef Farmer. The information received is of the highest standard in every way. We certainly have the edge on the rest of the world with Herdplus.