Pedigree Hereford Breeders and Herd Owners of the Allowdale Herd, Mr Liam Philpott & Ms Anne Pounds. Knocknacolan, Kanturk, Co Cork are members of a number of Breed Societies around the world.

They presently have a wide selection of bulls available for sale which are listed on the ICBF bull finder.

For those using A.I., there are also a number of Allowdale Bulls available:  Allowdale Advance 573 ET {HYF} [HE4291], Allowdale Rambo 475 {HYF} [HE4344] ,Allowdale Apache {HYF} [HE5298] a current Gene Ireland bull, Allowdale Axel {HYF} [HE5452]

The breeders do not believe in the show ring as a means of improving the herd, preferring to run the Allowdale herd on a more commercial basis without the additional grooming, feeding and preparation required as a participant at shows. All the Allowdale cattle are group managed with no cattle getting preferential treatment. It is only by an equal treatment that you can assess through performance that will translate into the commercial farms that Allowdale sell to.

Performance recording is an important facet of the Allowdale herd management with weight recording and linear scoring with the inclusion of weaning and yearling weights in a timely manner. Such information, the breeders believe, is vital in discerning and sorting out the performers from the non-performers, therefore a strict culling policy is in place at Allowdale to weed out lack of milk, oversized teats, prolapse, bad feet and consistent under-performers.

The breeders believe the Hereford breed is currently in a good position with easy calving, short gestation and good temperament but the breeders do not let up on striving for quality and performance.

Joining the Whole Herd Performance Recording, Beep and Greenbreed programmes enable the breeders to obtain the parameters to assess performance across the entire herd.

Background and Breeding program of Allowdale Herefords

The Allowdale Herefords herd was established in 2006 built on very diverse lines acquired from around the world. The initial seed-stock was purchased from both Irish and UK herds including Irish herds Ballyaville, Ballymartin, Balleen, Breaney, Drummurry, Droumdaniel, Gageboro, Moyclare and Trillick along with purchases from some of the leading UK herds such as Badlingham, Border, Haven, Free Town, and Westwood.

The herd has used diverse A.I. sires which include bloodlines from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland with some considerable success.

In pushing out the boundaries embryos were imported from cows purchased by Allowdale Herefords in both Canada and in the US, along with other selected embryos.

The breeders have bred a number of top-performing bulls from acquired genetics, most notably Allowdale Rambo ET {HYF} [HE2027] from GH Rambo 279R (Canada) & Allowdale Rory 594 {HYF} [HE4292]  from Border Rory D35 {HYC} [F228] (United Kingdom), the 2 current stock bulls.

Allowdale Rambo ET {HYF} at the March 2020 evaluations stands at €173 for Replacement, €97 for Terminal and €60 for Dairy Beef (all with high reliability).

Allowdale Rory 594 {HYF} at the March 2020 evaluations stands at €106 for Replacement, €73 for Terminal and €74 for Dairy Beef.

Heifers from the Allowdale Herefords herd have been sold throughout the country to existing and new breeders. Allowdale Herefords genetics have also been exported to the UK and Canada.

The diverse bloodlines available at the herd have attracted a number of prominent breeders to visit Allowdale Herefords to secure a herd sire.  The available bulls can always be found on The ICBF Stock Bull Finder (4 of which are pictured below) – just select Cork