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Genotype Tracking screen

All the different stages from the date requested to genotype published can be tracked using the Genotype tracking screen. Herd-owners can access this screen anytime by logging into the HerdPlus account and selecting ‘Services’ – ‘Genomic Services’ – ‘Track Order’

Below are the status message explanations on the tracking screen.

Turnaround time for Genomic Results

  1. Samples are scanned into the ICBF database and are dispatched to the Weatherbys laboratory every Wednesday.
  2. Samples are genotyped in the laboratory and results are automatically transmitted to the ICBF database 10 days later.
  3. Animals are evaluated for a week and genomic results are reported to the requested AI Company.
  4. The following week genomic results are published to the Herd-owner.
  5. The average turnaround time is 23 days from the date hair sample is received to results.